By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Many hobbyists who are also handy with do it yourself projects will build their own aquarium stands allowing for the exact features, measurements, and overall look they want.
2 a€“ Make sure there is direct wood to wood contact from the floor directly straight up to the aquarium. 5 a€“ Always place a peace of A? to 1 inch thick rigid foam between the aquarium and the stand.
6 – Carefully plan the height of your stand so you can fit all the equipment inside the stand that you may want. As these stands need to hold a lot of weight and must be safe, I do tend to over build them at least a little.
Once all plumbed and tested, I put the doors on and started to enjoy the aquarium.A  That stand has now been in use for over two years and has been standing up to the ~1,400 lbs sitting on it as well as the moisture. I also built a stand for a fresh water sump-less set-up in almost the same way as this first example above.A  Below are a few pictures of that stand. I also used that same design for a stand I built for a older 36 gallon Hagen aquarium that I had a few years back. As well as using the same stand design for a 33 gallon set-up I put together for my father.
The below picture shows the basic frame that I had built.A  I even added some cross bracing on the up rights along the back and sides of the stand to re enforce the stability. I've been keeping tanks for about 20 years now and have kept many different set-ups along the way.
I was planning on making a stand for my 20 Gallon tank, but i can seem to find anywhere the thickness that would be safest to use?
CliffI've been keeping tanks for about 20 years now and have kept many different set-ups along the way. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't garnered more comments - or maybe you've taken this off=line?
I've built them in inch square steel tube - but you need to be careful of the point loads on the floor (!!!) - and it's wise to include a layer of styrofoam between the frame and the tank - saves needless damage to the tank.
If you build it yourself, remember some basic stuff you learned, like the strenth of triangles. There are a lot of videos on utube about building aquarium stands and even how to build an aquarium out of plywood.
My 55 Gallon Reef Tank Build - 103269 REGISTER - JOIN Remember Me? My 55 Gallon Reef Tank BuildMy 55 Gallon Reef Tank Build in the Saltwater Aquarium Builds forums, part of the Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Reef Tank Forum category. I finally got around to connecting the dedicated outlet for the tank and put the Lifereef sump together. I don't know how well it translates in pictures but there's a lot more open space on the sand up front. Get the FishLore App Free FishLore Books Freshwater Aquarium Book Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank Book Helpful Tips Aquarium Fish Forum Quick Menu Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum Freshwater Fish Beginners Freshwater Aquarium Equipment More Freshwater Aquarium Topics Freshwater Fish and Inverts Ponds Brackish Tanks Saltwater Aquarium Fish Forum Saltwater Fish Beginners Saltwater Aquarium Equipment More Saltwater Aquarium Topics Saltwater Fish and Inverts General Aquarium Forum General Discussion Member Fish Tanks Member Photos Member Videos Misc. I was a little nervous about the addition of the Chromis, as I heard they can be agressive. I was told I should add the Flame angel and Hippo tang at the same time and then wait and add the yellow tank.

I feel that this would be the maximum amount of livestock I would feel comfortable supporting in my 120 gallon.
I'm hoping that the combination of the new skimmer and the new GFO I just changed 2 nights ago will finally take care of the slight cyano that is creeping back on the right side of my DT. Snake, all my cords are now cleaned up and I mounted what electronics I could on an opposite wall away from the tank as a precaution. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. I also added some trim to the stand and stained it to match the rest of the furniture in the room it will sit in.
These next two pictures are of the framing.A  The back of the stand is facing the car in the picture. You don’t have to get as fancy as they did to get a solid and safe tank stand which will also look good. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
I have to wait for the silicone to cure so I hope to have a leak test tomorrow night and be cycling come Sunday night! There's a small computer fan mounted to the rim of the tank that comes on if the water temp gets too high. The one on the left side of the tank in the one in the middle top of the tank are on the same cycle. One is a conductivity probe you can see sitting in my overflow box and the other is an ethernet cable running to my APEX. I mixed up a batch of reef chili and squirted some through some RO tubing to shoot it at the coral. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I stumbled upon this forum as my wife and I are starting to look at saltwater aquariums as a potential hobby. Thinking some birds nests and zoa's and maybe another plate coral and some frogspawn or torch coral. While I am not the model aquarist of how I do a lot of things, I have come to realize that electricity and water mix all too well. I'm thinking a Hippo Tank and Flame Angel are on the list as the next additions once everything starts to balance out again.
I think he may have depleted my sandbed, and since I was only feeding one cube every other day I don't think it was enough to sustain him. My candy cane frag is finally splitting from 2 heads to 4 heads and my Hammer coral has grown another 2 heads as well.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
I'd like it to be coffee table height and about two feet wide as it would replace the coffee table. I have an attic right on the other side of this wall and the PVC is actually sitting on top of the attic floor and the rim of the tank. I'm getting ready to program my APEX to drain about a gallon of water from the tank on a daily basis. The sump is a tight fit so I will put a separate refugium in the back that is going to be a 29 gallon tank. Flow through the baffles to the final chamber where it is returned to the display and to the skimmer tank behind the DT (Shown). I was warned about his by Acrylic, but got a good deal at the time on the RKE when money was tight.

I was having an issue with trapt air in in the Pipes so I drilled a very tiny relief hole a while back.
My attic is behind that wall and the floor of the attic is actually the same exact height as the top of my tank so the PVC is resting flat along the top of the tank and is laying across the floor of my attic. Then there's one on the right side towards the bottom of the tank and it's blowing out across the back of my tank.
Two of the hermits went right over to and have been picking at the one small piece of live rock since they were introduced. I have ~30 gallons of water change each month at a rate of 1 gallon a day with no change in salinity, and I don't have to do anything except turn a couple ball valves and add some salt to the mixing barrel once a month I . I also was nervous about adding Fire Goby's with the Diamond goby, but everyone is getting along splendidly at this point.
I decided to invest in it after my float switches both failed on my ATO a couple weeks back, luckily I caught that failure before any harm. Going to in increase the intensities about 10% every couple weeks until I'm at 70-80% intensity or until my corals react. It goes to the right of the picture and then comes back around with the end sitting on top of the skimmer pump. I then have a Mag 9 attached to that black RO line coming from the vinyl tubing in the skimmer section. So I'll program the APEX to work my drain pump for 6 minutes and then have the pump in my salt mix can pump until it reaches the shut off float valve which is the regular top off float.
The two shrimp seem to have set up shop under a large piece of dry rock which luckily has the small piece of LR with Aiptasia sitting right on top of it. I shot some more food over the entire coral and a few more heads sprouted up a bit, but they're still retracted.
I made a few costly mistakes (both financial and to the detriment of a couple livestock) learning the starting points of the hobby. I spend about a hour or so a night sitting directly in front of the tank just watching it (like its an episode of my favorite tv show). I believe it has something to do with when I make system changes via the mobile and web interfaces. There is nothing between the T and the tank itself, it's only resting on the tank for support. If you look to the left of the ball valve for the skimmer output you can see some vinyl tubing with a black RO line coming out of it.
Besides the safety aspect of the hobby, a well organized and planned system can look and function a lot better then one thrown together - even though both styles can support a healthy system.
I may have to disable this feature, but I like to be able to shut down or start up my components from work if an emergency occurs. Anything that is added to my tank drops down that vinyl tubing and into the skimmer section. If you look closely you can see an ORP probe and a pH probe in holders in front of the filter cylinders. I've always wanted a saltwater tank but thought they were really high matenince and they cost a lot. Tags tank, gallon aquarium on a light, hood, and heater introduce plano fishing tackle boxes, Fish tank stand with shelf not want .

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