Creative Commons License? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?????-???-???????? 2.0 ???? ????? ?? ???? ? ????. If you ever thought wooden houses couldn’t be fancy, then you should take a look at these two house designs I’m going to share below!
If you take the absolutely awesome house on the right out of the picture, you’ll notice that even the smaller house looks quite nice, and together they both look like two very realistic houses that have a building shape you’d expect to see on a real house. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

These houses look absolutely amazing, and it just shows that with some creativity and a lot of work, you can make a fancy house out of pretty much anything in Minecraft! This is the smaller house, and the inside has been almost completely built with the same blocks as the exterior!
There is however a few changes; for example there is a carpet down in some areas, a few bookshelves on the walls, and a few other minor changes.
The one on the left isn’t quite as fancy as the house on the right, but honestly, both of them look really nice!

The outside of these houses were made almost entirely made out of birch wood planks and birch wood logs, and it worked really well!

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