Advantage Cabinet Doors manufactures many different types of raised panel, mitered, and glass doors, dovetail drawers, etc. Amish Cabinet Doors – handmade solid wood cabinet doors built to your cabinet measurements.
Which wood joint would you prefer?  Would it be the lowly butt joint, the subject of jokes that will never seem to end? Here’s where you want to glue the long edges of two or more boards of wood together to make door panels, end panels, wall panels, etc. Basically a cope and stick joint allows the stiles and rails to go together using a cutter to cut the inside edge detail of the door stile and the dado for the panel, then cutting the reverse detail in the end of the rail so the rail will slide down from the top of the stile, nice and snug. It’s up to you whether you decide to slam together boxes with pocket screws or go old school with hand sawn dovetail joints.
Having been a finish carpenter before a framing carpenter, I found that a scarf jointed sub-facia (between trusses with a splice block behind it) and facia makes for a much straighter eave than the old way of just butt jointing them half on a truss tail. Some other joints to consider (for drawers) is the standard screw joint which can actually look decent when plugged.

There is also the Miller Dowel Joint which is just an exposed dowel joint – much easier to create than a standard hidden dowel joint.
I use biscuits for helping to strengthen glue ups – they are fast, accurate and easy. I just realized how difficult this is to describe with my limited vocabulary so, I hope it makes sense ( a picture would be worth 1k words for sure).
I am a big fan of scarf joints, they work great to make two short pieces into one long one.
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After running test setups to dial in the joint,  this method of joinery is great for production runs where a number of doors will be made at the same time and all you have to do is run all your stiles and rails, get your panels ready, and glue and clamp.
What joint will work best for your project?  I’ll talk more about these and others in a future article. Three wing cutters are available for shapers, and different router bits are on the market if shapers are not part of your shop.

Is it for your mother-in-law who thinks dovetail and rabbets are something you eat on hunting trips? These, along with many more methods, are examples of the kinds of wood joinery available to use.
MLCS, Freud, and Porter Cable make high quality bits for the majority of the standard inside edge details you’ll be looking for.
If clamps are few and far between, and the backside of your panel is not visible, use the new Kreg K4MS Jig Master (or Porter Cable QuickJig 560) to prepare your boards for pocket screws.

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