For many woodworkers, the table saw is the one tool that gets the most use - I know that is true for me.
A problem with the Makita, when the blade was tipped to 45 degrees, the elevator crank was nearly touching the underside of the top, making it extremely inconvenient to raise or lower the blade. Only problem was that as soon as I took it out of the clamps, it started to bow upwards slightly.
I considered other options: solid wood (butcher block) and rejected that - I like the look in a kitchen, not on my table saw.
I mixed up a 30kg (66lb) bag of 3000psi concrete, added some black pigment and put it in the mold. I mixed some more pigment with straight portland cement and floated that on to fill the tiny holes. The ability to quickly and accurately crosscut larger panels has always been the task that a large radial arm saw would excel at, but who has one of those anymore? My main objective for the sliding table was to minimize lateral play to give an accurate cut, and the four drawer slides do this well.
The fence for the sliding table pivots on a point and clamps to the edge, to set it for any angle.
Rockwell’s new BladeRunner is a portable benchtop saw that can be used on a wide variety of materials. That’s right, the BladeRunner is compatible with standard T-shank jigsaw blades, making it easy to find the proper blade for the job. The Infomercial for the Blade Runner sucked me in and I watched it for about 20 mins a few weeks ago. I purchased one of these for a student workshop environment (design studio, specifically) about a year ago and it’s proven valuable.
Rockwell has a pair of accessories for this– a picture frame guide and a circle cutter. Brad is correct that no trade pro would ever use this, but I don’t think this is the target market. New Porter Cable Cordless Nailers Keo Countersink Drill Bits InstaCrate Collapsible Storage Bins Why Won't Power Tool Brands Standardize Their Battery Packs? The Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner runs on only 5.5 amps, enabling the user to cut through any tempered lumber and tough materials like metal. This unit comes with a user manual that will give you the extra information you need about operating it. For those who have a limited budget and just cannot seem to spend a lot on separate tools, the Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner should definitely be your choice!
SHARKUniversal Overhead Guard for Table SawsS-12Conventional blade guards for table saws protect hands from running blades and make some dust control, but they are far from ideal solutions.

PVC-WPC wood powder production line mainly includes feeding material, grinding, sieving, collection.
3pcs set rotorazer saw blade,Accessories for rotorazer circular saw,TCT wood cutting disk, HSS metal cutting disk, tile cutting disk.
Having a good table saw makes all of the cutting tasks a little easier, especially if it has advanced features.
It was a reasonably good saw, with the best part being the motor, but it had a few glaring shortcomings. Holding the assembly rigidly during cuts is critical and I took no chances on the modifications being too weak.
In the picture I have just hosed it down - concrete will cure harder if it is kept wet during the first week or two. After it had cured for nearly three weeks (on the saw by that time), I sprayed on two coats of water based polyurethane to seal the surface. I thought that an accurate sliding table would be a worthy addition to my table saw project. A better way to orient these would be vertically, rather than horizontally, but as can be seen in the picture, there is limited space between the motor and the sliding table.
With the slides flat and with the other support mechanisms in place (aluminum stiffening rails on the bottom of the sliding table between the drawer slides) , there is nearly zero vertical play at the blade, where the maximum support is. The saw is capable of scroll cuts, rip cuts, circular cuts and curves, as well as straight and miter cuts.
Rockwell has come out with quite a few great tools in the past – the SoniCrafter and JawHorse for example.
This saves time as you do not need extra tools to shape your materials the way you wish to. It takes a little bit of tweaking to set it up for use – you cannot drag it out of the box it came in and arrange it in no time. It has been imported from abroad and is brown in color, which helps it mesh well among the wooden furniture of the house. In order to provide woodworkers with much safer jobsite, cleaner shop and more enjoyable working experience, Harvey newly developed a unique Universal Overhead Guard System S-12.For best rigidity and reliability, the S-12 overhead guard is structured with heavy duty steel frame, Cast Iron Joints and aircraft grade aluminum alloys.
Unfortunately, good table saws with advanced features usually have a high price tag attached. On top of this box is a plywood and oak frame that supports the motor assembly, sliding table and the top. Keeping costs low was one of the design criteria here, so the material would have to be economical. Orienting the slides this way also makes the whole assembly easy to disassemble for cleaning and lubrication.

Any significant error would accumulate and show as a gap when all of the pieces are put together. Not only does this make your work area dust-free, it also aids in cutting the material required to be cut. Not only do the extra tools take up your workspace, executing the entire work becomes quite slow too. Being frugal (cheap) and always up for a challenge, I went to work to build my own table saw. Having seen saws with granite tops, I thought that I could do something very similar: concrete. As it is extremely light, feel free to carry it around from one work place to another, just like a bag. In the mean time, S-12 is uniquely designed to have 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), which enables adjusting the guard at any desired position. Anyone would love to work with it; be it someone who is new to table saws or a tool expert with many years of experience. Read our table saw reviews and find the best equipment for your home or commercial project. The guard can be set at any height position above blade through a linear guideway and an aircushion cylinder.
With the top down, it would be as smooth as the casting surface of the mold - in this case, very smooth, very flat. A little bit on the loud end, the last thing you need is a headache induced due to the sound of a table saw! Finally the two big rubber wheels under the guard will glide on workpiece which makes cutting silk smooth and effortless.
The whole unit weight is about 100 lbs.Being equipped with S-12 Shark Guard System, you can substantially control the airborne dust out of table saws and enjoy clean air in your shop. Also the hard and strong guard will virtually isolate running blade from your hands to prevent accidents.
Unlike other blade guards, S-12 guard is always in place even when you perform Dado cutting.

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