About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. With simple beginner's woodworking projects, it's easy to get the basic concepts down so future projects will seem easier. Without the proper tools, certain cuts and measurements will be completely impossible to make.
A basic magazine rack only requires two equal size end pieces of wood, two equal size pieces of wood for the sides and one bottom board that will measure the same length as the sides on each side, and measure the same on each end to fit the end pieces of the rack. You can make the magazine rack any size you want, but a good size magazine rack should be 18 inches tall and about 17 inches wide, according to the Minwax website.

Applying glue along the edges where the boards will meet can add to the stability of the magazine rack.
The size of the serving tray can vary depending upon preference, but the base of the tray should be at least 17 inches and no more than 20 inches. The same is also true for the sides, or lips, of the tray that keep food from sliding off onto the floor. The ends of the tray should be a bit taller since you will need to carve or cut out handles on them to carry it. The ends of the CD holder are nothing more than square pieces of wood that will measure 5 inches on each side.

Once you measure and cut the end pieces, drill three small holes into them, but only halfway through the wood.

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