Bulldozer Carpentry Kit (Beginner Level 1) (008281) Details - Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. Basically, a woodworker should have some measuring tools, cutting tools, shaping tools, joining tools and a few equipments for safety and maintenance. In fact, here one size fits all doesn’t work – you must have a set of bench chisels of sizes ?“, ?” and 1”, as well as ?“mortise chisel.

They come quite handy to clean your mortises and joints.Screw DriverA good set of screw drivers is indispensable for a woodworker to own. It is advisable that you buy the best quality you can afford.LevelsIn order to check if a stock is perfectly smooth or not, you will need levels. They last for a lifetime, unless you lose them.Block PlaneA small block plane is needed forchamfering edges, smoothing end grains and leveling joints.

It also helps in shaving away thin slices of wood from the stock to give it a better finish.

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