Information and tips for travel with a baby or toddler - where to go, where to stay, what to bring, and how to cope! Have Baby Will Travel has been online for five years, and in that time I’ve learned that there are some things that can make your life a whole lot easier while you’re traveling with baby – for eating, sleeping, playing, and getting around.
This inflatable bed is BPA-free, pthalate-compliant, and offers toddlers a comfy and fun place to sleep when you’re out and about. Yet another product by The Shrunks that I wish was invented when we traveled with our daughter as a toddler. My kids are good sleepers, but the are used to certain sights and rituals that come with bedtime at home. Bringing along your baby or toddler’s woobie or lovey is a no-brainer, and this one actually has an added feature that could be a bonus for travel. The Back To Sleep Wearable Blanket is another step in maintaining at-home sleep habits while you’re away with baby.
If you purchase something after clicking on a link, Have Baby Will Travel may receive a small commission. Corinne McDermott founded Have Baby Will Travel to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children.

Travel bed rails seemed impossible to find, and I laugh when I think of some of the crazy contraptions we built with the hope of keeping her safe in her bed.
And while we follow our bedtime routine while we’re traveling, how wonderful it would be to bring along the nightlight they’re familiar with?! Not only is it a cuddly (and safe) teddy, the soundbox acts as a white noise machine, and can play womb sounds or a song or message that mama or dada records. I used a sleep sack with my kiddos when they were small because I knew they would always be cosy and warm, and also it helps limit their mobility and keep them on their back. Packing a stuffed animal, pillow and special blanket into your already-bursting carry-on bag is not always feasible, so these little guys are not only cute, they are very functional. It is safe and suitable for newborns and infants up until about nine months of age, so if you’re planning on doing a fair amount of travel while baby is quite little (as you should!) than Nest is a great investment. Staying in family-friendly hotels and resorts does not necessarily mean they will supply bed rails, and this little invention can give you some peace of mind without taking up much room in your luggage. Plus, we’re always fiddling with hotel room lighting arrangements to try to come up with the best light-enough-to-see-but-not-so-light-it-disturbs-our-sleep level, so just bringing a nightlight from home would alleviate all those issues! The soundbox has an audio and motion sensor, so it automatically starts again if baby cries or the bear is moved.

Both of their Goodnight Moons have come on just about every trip with us, as maintaining our bedtime routine while we’re away is key to helping them fall asleep. Introduced pre-flight, it could help make flights cuddly and cosy as opposed to chilly and cramped.
All of these will either help give your baby a safe place to sleep while you’re on the go – or even possibly help baby to fall asleep! The inflatable toddler bed fits regular crib sheets, and they also have a version that’s a twin bed that fits regular twin-sized bedding as well. To say we can recite it word for word is an understatement – it’s become part of our psyche! There is also a Bunny, Puppy, Lamb, Unicorn, Chick, and an ultra adorable Ladybug Comfy Critter.

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