Cool blocks are the easiest adn least expensive way to get great performance from a bandsaw. They make them for jsut about every bandsaw, including the odd Craftsamn angled block designs. Our famous Wood Slicer bandsaw blade cuts smoother and quieter than any other resawing blade on the market. SHARPEROur manufacturer has developed exclusive sharpening technology that gives Wood Slicers the sharpest teeth in the industry.
GUARANTEEDIf you want to mill lumber to custom thickness or generate your own veneers, try a Wood Slicer blade for yourself. WANT EVEN BETTER BANDSAW RESULTS?When you order your Wood Slicer, we specifically recommend that you also replace the original metal guide blocks which came with your bandsaw with Cool Blocks. Woodmaster & Woodpecker band saw blades specifically designed for all wood cutting applications. Know everything there is to know about bandsaw blades to make an informed decision with our online resources guide. Get higher production rates and less downtime replacing blades in your wood cutting applications. Lenox has surpassed quality with their Woodmaster brand of bandsaw blades with the Woodmaster C.

Choosing the right band saw blades for cutting wood can be easy when you follow these tips.
The most common wood cutting band saw blade is the carbon steel blades because of their economical price. Its outstanding performance is due to its 3-4 tpi variable tooth pitch design, in which uneven spacing between the teeth nearly eliminates vibration during a cut. Resawn surfaces are extraordinarily smooth, with few torn or broken fibers and nearly invisible tooth marks. Their highly precise grinding process leaves a crisp, burr-free tooth with clean, smooth gullets that transport waste efficiently and resist resin build-up. You'll get results you never thought your bandsaw could deliver, with smoother, straighter, faster cuts than you've gotten from any other resawing blade.
Made of composite phenolic resin impregnated with graphite, Cool Blocks set closer to your blade than metal blocks, giving a more stable and accurately guided cut. The Wood Slicer's tooth pattern damps harmonic resonance extremely effectively; the result is superlatively smooth cuts and much, much quieter operation than ordinary bandsaw blades. After sharpening and setting, Slicers are sent through a high-speed, ultra-high voltage precision impulse hardening system which treats the face and cutting edges of each tooth without allowing hardening to extend into the gullet, which would create a potential source of fatigue failure.
State-of-the-art flash butt upset welding produces a quenched and tempered metallurgical structure identical to the rest of the blade--no softer, no harder, and no more prone to failure.

Slicers' rear edges are rounded and polished, extending the life of your thrust bearings and eliminating a potential source of fatigue cracks. You'll feel as if you just installed a larger motor on your bandsaw, and you'll love the minimal finishing required on your resawn stock.
Cool Blocks eliminate friction and heat caused by metal to metal contact, so blades run smoother, cooler and far quieter than with metal guides. We've never seen a resawing blade cut this smoothly, and we're willing to bet you haven't either.
The technique is so effective that all Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blades are unconditionally guaranteed against breakage at the weld. Precise setting, polishing and rounding the back not only make for smoother cuts; they also nearly eliminate blade lead, making it easier and faster to set up your fence for straight, accurate resawing in any material thickness. Cool Blocks enhance the performance of ANY bandsaw blade, and help ensure that you get the most out of your investment in a Wood Slicer. Unless you're actually fond of listening to a bandsaw blade scream though thick stock, our blade design will be the best you've ever heard on your bandsaw.

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