We proudly serve: Antigo, Eagle River, Elcho, Lake Tomahawk, Madison, Merrill, Minocqua, Pelican, Rhinelander, St. First, do not allow your flooring to get damp, rained on, or left in a humid environment. The moisture barrier is imperative if you are installing flooring over an unheated garage, crawl-space or basement. Start the flooring on the straightest wall possible and use a string line to determine the straightness of your walls. For ease of installation, you should use a flooring nailer designed for that purpose. If necessary, start sanding with 36 grit, increasing to 60 grit, then 80 grit, finishing with about 120 grit. Although some manufactures have begun to make pre-finished softwood flooring, usually southern yellow pine, Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir is almost always unfinished.
DO put pads on the bottom of furniture to prevent scratching or gouging in wood flooring. Be aware, sticker marks are allowed in #2 & #1 grade flooringa€¦ if you do not want any sticker marks in your floor be very aware of them and when you purchase your flooring it might be a good idea to pick up extra so on the rare board with a sticker mark you can high grade the sticker marked boards out. Although frequently referred to as hardwood, our wood flooring is actually softwood which brings you a warmth and comfort that can’t be found elsewhere.
At RBM  Lumber we have become a leader in the softwood flooring industry because we take the time to produce the best product available.
Rough boards are leveled with a sander to eliminate grain tear and knot blowout.
Tell us your square footage and we will calculate the necessary footage for your project. Please call and let us guide you through our many options to determine which suits your needs best.
When we talk about stability we are referring to how much a beam will shrink, twist, check and move as it acclimates to the environment it is in. There are many uses for rough cut lumber a€¦ from barns and fences on the farm, to exterior trim on a custom home. In an interior application, once it acclimates, wood moves very little due to a more constant humidity.
Trying to find a reclaimed wood shop in Calgary but all I'm finding via Google are shops in Ontario. I Noticed Revolve in Cross Iron Mills has a similar looking dining table in their display window.

Restoration hardware in southcentre had tables like that when my wife dragged me through there a few years ago. Moisture can come from leaking pipes, wet basements or crawl spaces, plywood exposed to the elements during construction, and houses left vacant without proper ventilation. Use suggested wood floor cleaning products made specifically for SOLID wood flooring.
First, you can put throw rugs down in any high traffic areas such as in entryways, in front of your sink or refrigerator, or down a highly traveled hallway. The natural beauty and variety of character as well as product options in our Montana wood flooring is unsurpassed.
Each application has its own set of issues to be considered when selecting the best product to use. Where the product is being used in your project and your own personal taste is what determines how critical it is to try to control that movement.A In many instances the natural movement in wood is irrelevant. It will be free of wane, no heart checks with pitch and various other defects are limited depending on the product. We will ask as many questions as necessary to be sure your product both works and satisfies your taste for appearance. This flooring looks like original barn wood but utilizes our pre-catalyzed conversion varnish coating technology to make it easy to care for.
Weathered Example of Wealden Sussex Sandstone Building Grade (WSBG) - Gravetye Manor, Turners Hill, West Sussex. This is a car forums archive, to participate in daily discussions on cars, visit our forums website and register today! Natural grade Pine with no finish applied, used for rustic paneling in a carriage house, Norwich, Connecticut.Wide Plank Pine Kitchen FloorsFloor #418.
Please use your own creativity and discretion to adjust to your unique application or situation. This layer provides a moisture barrier, helps to even out slight unevenness, and can help to resist squeaking.
If you are unsure of the proper approach, please ask we a€” will be happy to guide you.
One of the best things you can do is dust, sweep or mop on a regular basis to keep any dirt or debris from collecting on the surface or the floor.
At RBM Lumber we’ve been supplying rough lumber for myriads of applications for over 30 years.
Consequently, in an exterior application in most climates wood will shrink and expand with the season changes.

But you can special-order pretty much any dimension you want from A? inch thick up to 30 inches or wider depending on grade and species. These nailers are specially designed to easily slip the shoe over the face of the board.
If you are not experienced with floor finishing equipment, we recommend using a square buffing sander. They also hold the flooring down securely allowing you to easily install the next piece. Widths on these boards range from 15 to 19 inches.Pine Floor, Very Wide, Farmhouse StyleFloor #400. This floor features 21 inch planks stained then finished with satin oil.Wide Pine FlooringFloor #401. Other times, when available, we will try to cut from dead standing timber because of certain advantages. Our Eastern White Pine flooring, 17-19 inches wide, with no stain applied, just a clear poly finish.Broad Plank Pine FlooringFloor #405. The walls and ceiling of this carriage house in Norwich, Connecticut, are paneled in our natural grade pine, while the floor features our traditional grade pine.Broad Plank Pine FloorsFloor #406.
Our traditional Eastern White Pine in 9", 11", and 13" widths, top nailed with antique wrought iron nails. Easy to sweep clean and maintain, this might just be the perfect floor for beachfront living.Wide Plank Pine FlooringFloor #417.
Newly sawn wide plank pine (treated with a custom stain and a pure tung oil finish) steeps this room in eighteenth century tradition.Authentic Wide PineWide plank pine flooring lends authenticity to this Rhode Island home. The homeowners got this look by applying a custom mixed stain then finishing with pure tung oil so the floor has a matte appearance.Wide Pine Kitchen FloorsFloor #418, wide plank Eastern White Pine in the kitchen of a Rhode Island home. The floor features a custom mixed stain and a pure tung oil finish.Wide Plank Pine with Circular Saw MarksPine flooring, wide planks, with circular saw marks for a vintage look.
Plank lengths run from 4 to 12 feet with a 7-foot average plank length.Wide Pine Vintage Look FloorsDarkened with a Walnut Old Masters stain and finished with three coats of Waterlox tung oil, this Eastern White Pine floor has been skip planed and bears circular saw marks. This is newly sawn premium grade Eastern White Pine.Old Fashioned Wide Pine FlooringWide plank Eastern White Pine flooring, premium grade, 7-11 inch plank widths and 4-12 foot plank lengths with a 7-foot average plank length.
Floor #419.Wood Floors with Circular Saw MarksWide pine flooring with circular saw marks and skip planed surface, floor #419, Manchester, Connecticut.

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