In Towers, given certain parameters of length, width, height, and material, each team is to design, build and test the lightest tower to carry a maximum standard load.
Another opinion states that heavy bass wood should be used first when you are trying to understand the dynamics of the structure.
After you've decided on the number of legs, the bracing is the part that towers are won and lost by. When attaching trusses, make sure to glue them on top of the frame as opposed to adjacent to the frame.
To use any type of wood, you need an extremely sharp knife for every cut, so as to cut the wood and not smash the wood fibers (A blade will have a lot of life left after you change it for tower building, and one way to save costs is to save the blades and use them later for other projects, etc.). Once you have a working design using bass wood, you can then cut off weight by using smaller sizes or balsa.

The more you build, the better your chances of getting a good design, and the better you get at building. You do not want to add too much glue because it will increase the mass of the tower and it will not significantly help it. You will want as close to 70 cm tall while still maintaining a reasonable mass for the best scores. It makes the tower MUCH MUCH stronger because it provides a greater surface area of contact. Furthermore, a bracing strip needs to be angled 2 ways, whereas in a 4 legged design it only needs to be angled in one direction.
Knowing which member broke first (you can tell by the type of break, sheer, torque (twisting),or bending) will tell you what piece of wood needs to be more dense, or larger in cross section.

Also, don't forget about laminating wood together- many good towers have been built by laminating very small wood together for the legs.
Eventually, time spent on building individual towers will decrease, while the quality will increase.
Although a taller tower may be harder to construct to still hold enough, it may be worth it because the advantage is big enough.

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