Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead.Building a bench and arbor combo is in some ways less complicated than building a standalone bench. The Chemistry Manager's Team supports faculty, staff, and students of the Chemistry Department in their respective research, academic and service roles. Tell us what you think of Chemistry 2011 -- we welcome both positive and negative comments. Chemistry2011 is an informational resource for students, educators and the self-taught in the field of chemistry.
The history of the domain extends back to 2008 when it was selected to be used as the host domain for the International Year of Chemistry 2011 as designated by UNESCO and as an initiative of IUPAC that celebrated the achievements of chemistry. Within our site you will find a variety of activities and projects your peers have previously submitted or which have been freely shared through creative commons licenses. If you want an entryway to command notice then the Heritage Garden Arbor is a perfect choice.
Arboria structures are neatly packaged for convenient transportation and designed for easy assembly.

The arbor provides the structure, and the bench comes along for the ride with no complex angles or fancy joinery.Get our step-by-step instructionsBuilding tipsUse rot-resistant wood. Through the benefaction of thousands of faculty and hundreds of thousands of students over nearly two centuries, they have built a university that is known for a diversity of people, heritage, academic disciplines, and scholarly pursuits. We strive to organize and develop a professional staff within the department that is responsive to the needs of our constituents by working with Chemistry Faculty to advance the many missions and goals of the Chemistry Department within guidelines of the University and the College of LS&A. It is constructed of beautiful Western Red Cedar and is the perfect entryway to your garden or pathway. The arbors can be assembled in under 30 minutes following the comprehensive, step-by-step instructions. An arbor can be a great addition to a ceremony site and when dressed up with flowers it can really enhance the decor.
The posts and the bench legs should be made of pressure-treated lumber that is rated for ground contact. Providing leadership within functional areas, the Department as a whole, and through service opportunities outside the Department of Chemistry.

Many parts are pre-assembled, and are easily fitted together using pre-drilled pilot holes. If you use cedar, redwood, or above-ground-rated lumber, apply extra sealer.If you want to pave the arbor floor, do so right after setting the posts. All assembly and installation hardware, including concrete anchors for the arbors, is provided.
This will give you a hard surface from which to measure.Getting posts to the same height may be tricky. The assembly of Arboria products is an ideal project to embolden the not-so-handy and impress the skilled craftsman.

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