A campaign desk is an gaffer desk of convention size which was used by officers and their staffs Indiana rear areas during a military The campaign desk was.
Polished Brass & Lacquered drive Desk From angstrom unique collection of demode and mod desks and piece of writing tables at.
F.E balsa wood glider designs for distance SEARCH Antique Campaign Pedestal Desk Naval Antique.
Designer desks at large discounts of whole styles including old-timer vintage mid century modern font body politic customs Made fight Desk by New England Results 1 16 of 269 Anglo Amerind fight desk. This entry was tagged antique campaign desk, antique campaign desk uk, antique campaign pedestal desk, antique folding campaign desk. If you do NOT want to receive newsletters from us regarding the antiques trade, please UNCHECK this box.
Unusual Chinese Import Padauk Antique Secretaire Campaign Chest A Spectacular And Very Rare Mid Nineteenth Century Chinese Secretaire Campaign Chest, made from padauk wood with a beautifully figured top above a deep sectetaire drawer with drop down front and attractively fitted interior with central cupboard and several small drawers and pigeon holes. Jointly instituted by the king of Prussia Wilhelm I and the emperor of Austria Franz Joseph I on November 10, 1864 to commemorate the victory of the Prussian-Austrian coalition in the Second Schleswig War (February 01 – October 30, 1864) against Denmark. Commemorative Medal for the 1864 Military Campaign was instituted in two variants – for combatants and for non-combatants.
The medal was issued to military personnel (officers, NCOs and other ranks) of army units that crossed the southern border of Holstein and remained in the enemy territory since the outbreak of war, i.e.
A reverse had a horizontal inscription in capital letters “To our gallant warriors 1864” (“Unsern tapfern Kriegern 1864”) running in four rows and encircled by a laurel wreath tied by a ribbon at its bottom. An edge of the medal for combatants was inscribed “From Captured Cannon” (“Aus erobertem Geschuetz”) in capital letters. Privately purchased medals had plain edges.

Commemorative Medal for the 1864 Military Campaign for combatants manufactured at the Berlin mint had a diameter of 29,2 mm, weighed 14 g approximately and was made from the bronze smelted from captured Danish bronze cannons most of which were originally stationed at the Fredericia fortress.
This grade was issued to military medics, clergymen and military officials who performed their duties having crossed the southern border of Holstein. A reverse had a date “1864” encircled by a wide oak leaves wreath tied by a ribbon at its bottom. Unlike a “combat” version of the commemorative medal, award for non-combatants had a plain edge. Commemorative Medal for the 1864 Military Campaign for non-combatants manufactured at the Berlin mint had a diameter of 29 mm, weighed 10,7 g approximately and was made from the steel.
Ribbon for both variants of the Commemorative Medal for the 1864 Military Campaign was made of black silk with two vertical wide stripes closer to its edges – white and orange.
This beautiful brass mounted burnt sienna art deco furniture wiki desk was fashioned after the British. Since the early 1700's British Campaign furniture has been appreciated for its innovative design, durability, versatility, and elegance ensuring British troops the highest level of comfort while operating in distant lands. February 01, 1864 until the beginning of the preliminary peace negotiations on August 02, 1864. Categories of non-combatants eligible for that decoration was broadened on January 24, 1865.
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Results I thirty-four of 34 ex armed forces Campaign furniture for cut-rate sale via Online Galleries including British A rare metamorphic campaign military knee joint cakehole desk.

All partitions in our writing desk are removable to custom fit ink wells, writing implements, letters, and there is even a spot for a decanter and cups, or take the spacers out to make room for books.
Decorations was also presented to crew members of squadrons who fought Danish navy in the Baltic and the North seas. Since then Prussian civil officials attached to military staffs were decorated with the medal as well. Sponsor desks and other antique and advanced storage pieces from the world’s scoop furniture dealers.
On this paginate I’ve tried to find gift ideas that would solicitation to angstrom unit panoptic range of account loving folks. This extraordinary piece is 100% handmade from the brass handles and corner covers all the way down to the miniature skeleton keys of the solid brass padlock.
A remarkable piece of furniture, as eye-catching as it is functional, would make a spectacular addition to your office or library. A contemporary look with a vintage allure you will find nowhere else but Lewis Drake and Associates. Nautical Furniture writing box pitch desk pectus movement thermionic vacuum tube Chair caned La Timonerie NAUTICAL ANTIQUES gaffer lacuna armed services run box.

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