Plans for building a portable Animation Desk by Jim MacCauley (former teacher at Sheridan College) . Last week an item was surfaced on our eBay Top Shared page which looked interesting, and we put it on our watch list so we could monitor the auction.A  The auction price, which started at $1000, has ballooned to over $6000, which seemed like quite the extraordinary price, for a desk.
Was bieten WirWir bieten Familien eine entspannte Schulzeit ohne Hausaufgabenüberforderung oder Konkurrenz- denken. Would you be able to drill tie-down holes through it - I mean are there any metal struts running across the bottom of it?
Might be best off just getting some 1 x 2s and MDF and making your own table at whatever height you want.
This has the disc hole properly off-set to leave room on the right side for an exposure sheet or model sheets. Emulating the original 1940's Walt Disney Studio desks designed by KEM Weber, this contemporary desk is, itself, a work of art.

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According to the IMDB, he started his animation career at Disney on the film Dinosaur, where he received credit as a character animator. I still get a sore back after a few hours, but nowhere near as bad as when I worked in another studio where the table height was around 800mm. Since then he has worked as an animator on various films, including Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, and Tangled.A  Even though he doesna€™t mention using the table for his work on any of these films, we can imagine someone working at this desk, dreaming up the look and personality of Disney characters that will one day become household names.
Constructed of dense plywood with either Red Birch or Maple veneer with a gorgeous honey finish.

Like a properly adjusted and ergonomically correct computer table can help a writer, an animation table such as this one, with the appropriate place for tools of the trade and suitable lighting, eases the process of the physical work of drawing. The seller notes that he used it as a computer desk, showing (we surmise) the move in todaya€™s animated movies from hand-drawn animation to computer generated images (CGI). These desks don't sell very often because if you're lucky enough to get one, you hold on to it and cherish it.
But no matter what the medium, Disney animation is world-class, inspiring many imitators but few equals.
So if buying this desk will move you to greatness (or even if you just want a cool Disneyana collectible from a more analog age), then get bidding!

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