Not to knock “Chainsaw”, but at what point do you stop being a chainsaw artist?
I think Ed (the british guy) on Extreme Home Makeover nearly cut his hand in half using one of these. I have used this tool for years building log homes and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you better hang on tight as it will get away from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used both a chainsaw and a chainsaw blade in an angle grinder to sculpt a log for an art class in college. Along with Sorby Texturing tools, a chainsaw disk can be used to create interesting slash patterns in wood while the piece is slowly turning on the lathe.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Metabo has developed a new 5-inch angle grinder, model W1080 RT, that is said to be lightweight, and especially comfortable to use.
The grinder comes with a side handle, Type 27 wheel guard, an inner flange, outer nut, and spanner wrench.

The new grinder is backed by Metabo’s XXL warranty, which extends the 1-year power tool warranty to 3-years. S { The AA pack is NOT compatible with power tools, only the lasers } – New Dewalt Line Lasers: Red vs.
New Porter Cable Cordless Nailers Keo Countersink Drill Bits InstaCrate Collapsible Storage Bins Why Won't Power Tool Brands Standardize Their Battery Packs? Over Speed Control Governor: (Patented)The design of cutting off air prevents overloaded air pressure. Designed as lightweight powerful tool for tough,tight, quarter cleaning jobs that require fast metal removal. Sprial bevel gearing in angle head provides extended angle head life and smooth low vibration. Ideal for cleaning casting, foundries, smoothing welds in forge shops, and smoothing applications in fabrication shops. You can use this Handy Air Vacuum Suction Lifter to avoid labor work injuries, increased job safety.

Although I had great direction from my professor, (and there is some skill needed) I found it easy to use and extremely beneficial! Since 1973, in the Air Tools, Pneumatic Tools and accessory industries market, GISON has been offering our customers high quality 5" Air Angle Grinder (Safety Lever,11000rpm) production service.
I’ve seen pictures of the work done by people that use them regularly, and they get some pretty nice results. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, GISON always make sure to meet each customer's demand. You’re not supposed to remove the guard, just rotate it a little to expose the blade where it needs to be exposed.
I’d highly recommend only using an angle grinder that shuts itself off when you let it go.

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