He took his cell phone so he called me the whole way to Missouri and called me right before they let him off the bus. He mailed me letters at the beginning so i got mail from him the second week but I didn’t get a mailing address until the second or third week. About week 5 and it said that family day would be the same day as graduation and he would be allowed an off-post pass.
The best thing was his AIT training was at Fort Leonard Wood so he had a pass on the weekend. My husband will be at fort leonardwood for 19 weeks for his basic and AIT training for military police. My bestfriend just left for basic training at fort lenoard wood to become an MP and she said her whole basic training will last a total of 22 weeks.
Hi, my husband just left also to go to FLW on 2-13-12 I haven’t gotten a phone call either. Cierra thank you so much, I actually started getting all his letters with the address this week.
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The SSa€™16 Collection combines the contemporary street wear aesthetics of Wood Wood with classic American workwear and elements of late 70a€™s New York City. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Designed for building small aircraft, this work table is built from easy-to-find materials and features simple yet rigid construction.
This workbench from The Family Handyman perfectly suits those who work in a garage or basement (any space that is shared with other family activities). If you are looking for a mobile or small-space solution—or you want a secondary work surface to complement an existing bench—consider this idea from Woodsmith: a rolling tool cabinet outfitted with a solid top. It's up and over for Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, as their drill sergeants watch them tackle an obstacle on the Confidence Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. On Monday they were fitted for their Army Service Uniform, or dress blue uniform and the excitement of the day could be found early in the morning. Rynschlueter said the mental and physical strength the Soldiers receive on the Confidence Course will carry them through their Army careers. With a little encouragement from her battle buddies and some instruction from a drill sergeant, she finished the challenge on her own.
By week five, motivating one another has become a part of life for the Soldiers-in-training.
On Wednesday, the Comanches headed back out the rifle marksmanship range this morning to confirm their zero at both 200 and 300 meter targets.

The Soldiers-in-training spent the remainder of week five honing their Basic Rifle Marksmanship skills. Now that you are half-way through BCT, what was the hardest thing for so far: "The PT test. Now that you are half-way through BCT, what was the hardest thing for so far: "The rappel wall.
How did it feel to try on the Army Dress Uniform: "It felt like I am accomplishing something. My soldier is in military police and I heard that they won’t get any family time or weekend passes at all! It seems to take a bit longer in the beginning (about two weeks) to get the first one but then you should receive them as she writes them. My boyfriend has been gone for over a week and he finally got to call on Tuesday but he had only a few seconds to give me the address and it was a bunch of letters and all he kept saying was space and another couple of letters and numbers, so I’m not sure if I wrote it down correctly. Well the thing i did was WAIT for my fiancee to send ME leters so i could have the address.
And awwww thank you so much , it was so hard at the beginning now its a little easier but still tough.. They may skim through them, but they definitely look at pics until the get to a certain point.
The Danish label has turned its attention to the street crews of this era, whilst drawing parallels to desert tribes and references to traditional crafts. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Though it’s able to withstand a banging, the table is still lightweight and compact enough to be portable. The setup includes a stable surface for hobby or repair projects, a built-in pegboard for storage, a shop light, plus a recessed shelf that allows for seating. A small vise and a power strip are included here, along with magnetic and pegboard tool storage, not to mention the storage provided by the cabinet drawers.
Joshua Rynschlueter, Company C, 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment drill sergeant, demonstrates to Soldiers in BCT week five how to conquer one of the many obstacles on the Confidence Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., as Spc. This event involves a series of obstacles that will physically and mentally challenge your Soldiers, require them to work as a member of a team, and help them overcome some of their fears," Anderson said.
We have to push them to do it at first, but now it's something that they do normally," Rynschlueter said. This range provided Soldiers with their first opportunity to engage stationary pop-up targets at various distances.
Then I didn’t hear from him until 2 weeks later on a sunday for about 10 minutes and then every Sunday or Saturday and the minutes were extended.

That was so nice because others had to leave that morning after graduation for AIT somewhere else. I have heard different stories about not having a basic grad if you have osut how did or when did you find out about him getting a weekend pass and graduating? I heard from mine again when he left reception, another 20sec call just to say he was moved to his BCT group, that was Friday afternoon. I am wanting to go visit him in March and im needing to know if we can stay in a hotel off base!
Now I cant wait til he gets mine because from what I’ve seen they take like from 4 to 5 days to arrive buuu!
A casual piece executed with premium construction, the Basic Tee is styled with a simple WW workwear label at the bottom hem.
The base is made of affordable dimensional lumber, with joints that are both glued and bolted, meaning this bench is not only a thrifty option, but a sturdy one, indeed. The top uses two sheets of laminated MDF, and the plan incorporates handy features like bench dog holes and a woodworking vise. 20, 2012) -- Halfway through Basic Combat Training, Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, were very busy during week five. Andrew Randolph, ran the course to show the Soldiers how to correctly accomplish the challenges. I did send some letters Express mail and it would get to him in 2 to 3 days instead of 5 to 6 days. It was the best experience to see my husband in uniform and I’m so happy I went to see his graduation. But he went back about an hour earlier and he said they did some push-ups and stuff because some people came back late, but I didn’t get to see that.
But knowing how well she’s doing makes it easier and soon she’ll be home to me!
Once he got into AIT he can call every night during personal time unless his platoon got into trouble.
They just graduated to white phase so they got more priviledges such as their first sodas, candy bars, ice creams, etc..oh yeah extra phone time, which I love! According to her, it’s hell at first but as time goes by, it gets better and a little easier.

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