Let me start this blog post by wishing all of my readers and followers a very happy 4th of July.
We were in almost the exact same location this year for the display as we were last year, and even though there were fewer people right around us, but it was still a very well attended show. I really enjoy shooting fireworks, and this display was my first attempt at doing so with my new mirrorless camera system, and it performed great, as I thought it would. The mounting of the wall tattoos is really easy and the solution makes an artistic work out of every room.

The offered stickers come in soft matte vinyl foil, which is painted exclusively with the Anna Wand-colours. The stickers can be put on ingrain wallpaper, plain plaster walls, tile, mirrors, metal, plastic and glass without any problems.
To make the mounting easy, does every ordered object have an instruction to put the stickers on the easiest way. To mount them, you pull the back carrier foil off and and glue the elements with the transfer foil on the wall.

After taking of the transfer foil you have to push against it once again – and you will have the object "anna Wand" ("on the wall").

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