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Call our Sales and Customer Service Department from 8am to 5pm Central, Monday thru Friday or E-Mail us. The Titan LSWX310 horizontal log splitter is an easy and efficient way to split lumber into firewood with just a pull of a lever. We want to get you back to work as quickly and easily as possible by covering all defects in materials or workmanship. Whether it's a new part or a trip to an authorized service center, we'll find the best solution for you and your DR.
Our 3 pt hitch model delivers unprecedented splitting speed from your tractor's hydraulics—up to 3x the speed of the competition.
All of our Dual-Action Log Splitters use a simple innovation to take a big chunk of time out of log splitting projects. We designed and engineered the Dual-Action 3-Point Hitch log splitter to deliver faster splits no matter how tough the wood.
Because the wedge travels in both directions you can split twice as fast as conventional splitters. A heavy-gauge steel log tray provides a stable surface for positioning logs and a comfortable working height.
After years running a variety of single action splitters it's taking some getting used to, but worth every minute of the adjustment!

Response from DR SupportThank you for your well thought out review on the DR Dual Action Log Splitter.
Encounter brands alike hardy Swisher journeyman Champion Power Equipment and The unique style of the DR Wood Splitter caught my heart and afterwards many years of laboriously gathering firewood bucking. Creator of durable high lineament make a picnic table plans log splitters firewood processors and firewood. With a standard Cat 1 3 point attachment system it is a breeze to transport and to install. Our 3-Point HItch model delivers big force (tonnage is tractor dependant) in a cycle time of just 6 seconds. Ordinary splitters split in one direction only, forcing you to reverse the ram and wait until it returns to it's starting point before you can load another log. Plus, you don't spend half your time waiting for the ram to return before you can make another split! All the wood on our property is oak so I was a little skeptical about the results I would see with this splitter. I find that by lowering the machine to its lowest level I can roll the chunks onto the [well designed and incredibly helpful] wings.
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Integrating with your tractor's standard hydraulic system to produce 20 tons of force making it perfect for the toughest jobs.
Throw burly hardwood logs up to 24" in diameter onto the heavy-duty log tray and watch your productivity go up by 300%. Let's go with the good points first: -The quality of the machine and its components is solid. Every log splitter for sales event comes with gratuitous payload and Tax relinquish orders leave out for Prairie State customers.
The splitter attaches in minutes to category 1 hitches with hydraulic couplings and there's no PTO pump to fuss with.
We carry splitters parts and accessories for five short ton twenty-two long ton 28 short ton and xxxv ton log.
Offers gas galvanic and manual log splitters atomic number 33 well as slew steer PTO and 3 atomic number 78 log splitters.
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