For Father's Day I got a pocketing jig, which allows me to make quick joins in most types of wood.
ConclusionHopefully you've gained the inspiration to build some custom furniture for yourself.
After a couple of years I could even put it back together again - and sometimes it would continue to work.
Send us feedback on our site design, bugs, story ideas, maker community events and any other share-worthy thoughts. So if I feel the need to change things around it's very quick and easy to do.The "pocketing" construction mechanism also makes it very easy to change things, or add new pieces.

2x4's are really cheap, although not as attractive as oak or maple, they are easy to work with.
I have a lot of electronic test equipment and I could not find a reasonably priced desk or bench that would put everything within easy reach.
I spent very little on the bench, but you could probably build the whole thing (including the cost of the jig) for $100.
Starting from these few basic measurements I built up the frame piece by piece.I did very little measuring — once I had the 3 vertical back "pillars" spaced correctly I just held up the next piece and marked off where I should cut. I bought the 2 slides for either side of the keyboard shelf.The shelving was attached using the super cheap (and quite thin) steel shelving supports — these need to reinforced and braced to stop lateral movement.

This was actually supposed to be at the rear of the worktop, but the maker goblins moved my pencil marks to the front when I wasn't looking :-)I painted the shelves and worktop black so that things I put down would be easier to see (that's the theory anyway).

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