Pink kitchen set includes a sink, stove, oven, opening cabinets & drawers and a side towel rack. When playing with dolls who are 18 inches tall, having 18 inch doll furniture makes it easy for girls to enjoy these dolls in a variety of ways. Besides a selection of dolls in various ethnicities and representing different time periods, the American Girl empire also includes books about the different dolls in the series. Some of the dolls you'll find today come with more accessories than the average child, but you can outfit a doll the way you like, within your budget.
Miscellaneous: Dolls today have their choice of accessories, including furniture pieces such as salon chairs, night stands, vanities, craft desks, kitchen play sets, baby care centers, bathtubs, swings and more! When deciding which 18 inch doll to buy, price can be a big consideration for the budget-conscious parent. Adorable accessories include sugar & coffee canisters, salt & pepper shakers, tea pot, spoon, spatula and more!

Girls love being able to put their dolls to bed or to sit them in chairs made just for their dimensions. Less expensive than their American Girl counterparts, these dolls are sold in Target stores and come with a large selection of clothing, accessories and furniture. Some girls may have more than one type of 18 inch doll, so don't feel you have to stick with just one brand. When the doll has her own table and chair set, she can be just as comfortable as the girl who loves her. Do your research into which doll you can afford; some American Girl fans claim that price does make a difference in the quality of the doll. Some of the furniture you'll find for these dolls may be quite pricey, but you can pick and choose your pieces based on what your little girl wants the most.
They come with their own clothing and accessories, including furniture made just for this size doll.

Expect to pay at least $100 for the simplest doll trunk from American Girl, while Our Generation dolls offer storage beginning at around $50. They may not be as well made as other high-priced pieces, but think about the wear and tear your daughter will inflict on it. If so, you can probably buy less expensive 18 inch doll furniture without worry that it won't hold up.
In the end, the most important consideration is that she has fun with her dolls, their numerous accessories and their furniture.

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