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You can either cut the faces straight and glue together, or you can cut them straight and leave a small gap and join the two sections with a series of bowties. One of the pieces of maple has two checks, one on either end which I plan to stitch up or maybe do butterflies, but they are much bigger on the underside.
If you got more curved board, try putting the concave sides together to make an oval table.
If the slabs edges are not straight that should be addressed by jointing or hand planing, or a board straightening jig on the table saw. Then of course there are about two dozen variations of joinery that you could use, all of which do lose some length, however.

You can use a long lap joint here, but one of the standard ways to join two boards like this when cutting by hand is to form what's called a scarf joint.
You could make a lap joint with a router, then put a few dowels of appropriate size through the joint at right angles to the boards to tie everything together so you're not counting on the shear strength of the glue to hold it all together.
I ripped two 1 inch wide strips of cherry to go between the maple slabs as accents and to add a few more inches of width. This cuts off the end grain and creates two long-grain faces that then glue up much more strongly. I purchased two matching slabs a few days ago and am planning to make a small kitchen table.

However, you may not end up with a piece of wood as strong as a complete board unless you use further reinforcement. Originally I was planning to use a 2inch square piece of steel tubing to run down the middle of the two slabs that was visible (slab, steel tube, slab) but Im thinking that it will be difficult to make sure the slabs and the steel are level with each other. From what I have been reading you just get two perfectly straight and square edges and then glue and clamp.

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