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I tackled the final assembly of the desk base in two phases: glue-up first, followed by peg installation. Anchor the drawer guides into the desk opening if you’re using the wood-on-wood approach, which can be tricky. Finally, pull up a chair and be the first of many, many people to use your desk over the generations. When I designed and built this desk, I used some key approaches for reducing my shop’s environmental impact.

Durability by design The longer your projects remain in active use, the less environmental impact they have per year.
The pegged mortises and tenons, square pegs and tusk tenons all came from this same inspiration.  Start work on your desk by preparing the outer legs, inner legs, skirts (front, rear and side) and leg braces (side and rear). Complete the desk base by adding anchor blocks for securing the desktop, then sand or plane all joints flush. Drive screws into oval shaped holes in the edging strips, to allow for movement of the desktop across its width.

Drill holes in the desktop for securing the cubby, then mount the top assembly to the leg frame.
And you are keeping poorly built furniture from overwhelming the landfills; I hope to make this desk a family heirloom.

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