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No more guessing the inside or outside corner angles on walls when installing crown, chair rail or base moldings. This multi-purpose gauge can be used to set the cutting height on your router table, table saw or other woodworking machines.
No calculations are necessary — as you position the guide to match the desired angle, the internal gear automatically aligns the integral steel rudder to bisect the angle. Suitable for inside and outside angles, it can also be used as a layout gauge to mark angles for handsaw cuts.
StarrettĀ® Digital Protractor In addition to the standard protractor functions for measuring angles and calculating bisected, complementary and miter angles, this digital protractor also calculates rake and bevel angles at the touch of a button, greatly simplifying miter saw settings in crown molding work. Let’s look at a couple different projects to see how the digital angle finder aided in our completion of those projects. The first thing we did was to use the digital angle finder to determine the angle of the ceiling, which turned out to be 110 degrees from vertical. Without the use of the digital angle finder, determining the slope of the ceiling was, of course, possible, but with the angle finder the process is accurate and completed in just a few seconds.

It was during this process that we discovered another well-thought-out design feature of the angle finder; a digital read-out on both faces.
To transfer the half angle, simply move the guide to the miter saw and align the blade parallel with the rudder. The readout zeroes at any position for differential measuring, and the arms lock at any angle for direct transfer to a miter saw. Measuring for the chimney column was going to require a bit more work, since the ceiling was vaulted. Using the angle finder to determine the angle of the ceiling was simple; turn on, set to desired position, which in this case was the corner where the wall and ceiling met, and read the angle. Rather than having to hold the angle finder in position while you flip it over to read the face display, there is a display on the back side allowing you to ascertain the angle! It is not a tool that we use everyday, but for those times we do need it, it makes the normally complicated and time-consuming job of calculating angles simple and accurate.
Measures moisture content of any lumber (including fabricated woods, hardwoods and soft woods).

A hold button keeps the measurement displayed, so you don’t have to commit it to memory. From there we were able to make the rest of our measurements, use Google’s SketchUp to design the overall project, then fabricate and finish and install the parts. Display shows decimal or metric measurements, and can be quickly changed with a touch of a button. I also want to show how we used the tools to complete specific projects, whether or not the tools performed as anticipated, and whether or not the tools made completing the job easier and faster. As you can see in the SketchUp rendering, there were dozens of measurements and angles that were needed to fabricate the finished pieces.
Having the ability to measure any angle we needed, or thought we might need, was invaluable, since it allowed me to combine the distance and angle measurements together to achieve a more accurate rendering.

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