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Woodpeckers ships the square with a mounting bracket that attaches to the side of Festool’s MFT tables. As has happened in the past, I know I’ll regret it if I pass on this One Time Tool, but nearly $300 is very hard to swallow. The only real way I could justify buying an MFT Square is if someone lets me buy a prototype in time to review it before the Feb 16th deadline. I’ve noticed that some of the Woodpeckers one-time tools are targeted at weaknesses in Festool products. Same with this and the MFT, one of the weaknesses of the MFT is squaring and the Festool solutions aren’t very impressive. They can be found on Ebay and at other places and sell for $80 shipped, the company is called TMX and is from Poland; they make reference tools for machinist. While the woodpecker can be re-aligned to make square again your going to need a accurate square near the same size to do so. I would love Stuart to get the Woodpecker on review and try it out in a real world environment and post a review. For something as a real cheap ($17) alternative, accurate (probably just as accurate as the Woodpecker or more) and very useful is the 12” rafters square from Empire sold at Home Depot. Woodpeckers newest One Time Tools are precision-machined, wheel-type marking gauges made for uncompromising accuracy. True appreciation of the craftsmanship put into these tools will be obvious the moment you hold one in your hands.

By buying a One-Time Tool, you will own a limited run precisely machined tool that will make you the envy of all your woodworking friends and you have a tool that will be used for generations.
December 2, 2015 Benjamen 12 Comments Woodpeckers has brought back their Saddle T-Squares as a new One Time Tool. August 19, 2015 Stuart 11 Comments Woodpeckers has come out with a new One Time Tool, the Odd Job and Odd Job XL, which mimic (and improve upon) the functionality of Stanley’s 19th century design. June 25, 2015 Benjamen 12 Comments We got our hands on Woodpeckers DelVe Square and threw it at a project right away.
June 18, 2015 Benjamen 29 Comments The new Woodpeckers DelVe Square, a OneTime tool with limited ordering window, will change your life.
February 6, 2015 Stuart 11 Comments Check out Woodpeckers’ latest One Time Tool, an MFT Square that can be used for squaring up Festool MFT guide rails and fences, as well as miter saw and table saw blades and fences.
Made in USA, Layout & Measuring, New ToolsWoodpeckers Pocket Compass – Last Day to Order One!! May 2, 2011 Stuart Leave a Comment Woodpeckers is at it again with another one-time tool – a pair of carpenter squares available in both inch and metric sizes.
March 14, 2011 Stuart Leave a Comment Woodpeckers’ has released a new limited run one-time tool, a saddle t-square, which looks great for precision layout tasks.
January 12, 2011 Stuart 6 Comments Woodpeckers is on a roll with their new one-time tool designs.
January 8, 2011 Stuart 6 Comments Woodpeckers keeps churning out high quality woodworking tools and accessories, and our review confirms that these dovetail marking gauges are no different.

As the name suggests, Woodpeckers Stubby Marking Gauge lacks the long beam found on most marking gauges. By buying a One-Time Tool, you will own a limited run CNC precisely machined tool that will last and be used for generations, making you the envy of all your woodworking friends.
I know I can't order the stubby anymore but if there are any left that were not paid for, I am more then willing to pick up one for myself.
Maybe I’ll make due with my ordinary and downright puny-in-comparison squares until Woodpeckers comes out with a smaller version for half the price. Similar to the squares sold at Woodcraft and Rockler but better, this one is not made in India like Groz squares.
If there was one available now that I could buy and quickly test and evaluate before the deadline, I’d find a way to pay for it.
Two years ago I purchased a 36” Woodpeckers straightedge that had to be returned because it arrived not straight, it was twisted. I have checked the Empire against my 18” (grade A) Brown & Sharpe tool room square and it was accurate. I highly recommend having one in the shop, same with the blue laser etched Big Foot 7” version (wish they made it in 12”).

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