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Specific Compost Bin Designs and PlansSome people can look at a picture of a compost bin and build it from scratch, but we find it a lot easier if you have proper compost bin plans. The wooden pallets are usually put into trash by many construction sites and business but they can be recycled and reused to construct a great composite bin. The businesses use these pallets for holding and shipping their inventory from one place to another. The four equal sized pallets are then placed round the base to create a square composite bin. The compost material is then added to this pallet frame with the ratio of 2:1 for green to brown. The composite bin requires proper dampness to be maintained through constant moisture but should not be too wet. By adding more pallet sides and bases, multiple bins can be crafted from a single pallet composite bin. Before you even start to think of digging to put in a water garden, make sure you plan everything in advance.

Use this link to VOTE for your favorite compost bin.It doesn't matter if you bought your bin or if you made it, we want to hear from you. The compost pit is kept healthy by the green component providing required nitrogen and the brown component providing the required carbon. The size of wooden pallets is usually perfect for crafting a composite bin and the inside spaces allow the aeration and breathing facility to compost.
These structures can be made of a variety of materials including wood, concrete, and plastic.
Each link will guide you through the entire process of building several different composting bins, including a wood compost bin and a Rubbermaid compost bin.
Also, you may be interested in Keith's great site that highlights the benefits of how compost bins save you money and time. The majority of bins are homemade, however, there are more and more compost bin suppliers entering the market each year.
Although compost bins can be used on any sized yard, they are most practical for use by persons or families living on smaller lots in the city.

Overall, composting bins are not always necessary, but they sure do add "curb-appeal" to your compost pile. It allows you, our fellow compost junkie, to express yourself and tell us all about your experiences with specific composting bins.
We also thought we would add to this section by posting our reviews of various compost bins, as we have an opportunity to test them. For instance, we saw that there were a lot of people interested in the Earth Machine compost bin, so we tested it and posted a review here. So let's hear from you!Please take a moment and share your compost bin experiences with us.

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