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Woodcraft Supply LLC caught a rash of criticism in recent years for introducing tools that were Chinese-made copies of current American-made tools. This copying lead to some hand-tool makers severing their ties with Woodcraft – most notably Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Earlier this year I saw two new spokeshaves from Woodcraft under the Pinnacle name that showed real spirit.
I have yet to try the shaves (I have two spokeshaves already), but I definitely will test drive them next time I’m in my local Woodcraft.
I know Woodcraft got some heat for the copies, and they had to update and fix a bunch of quality issues right out of the gate, but one way to look at it is that there is enough demand now for these kinds of tools. I just bought the new Woodcraft low angle spokeshave that mimics a wooden shave but in steel.
I quit purchasing from Woodcraft when they took Lie-Neilsen’s designs to China and tried to get them copied.

Woodcraft totally lost me as a customer when one day I entered a store 10 minutes before closing time and they told me to go away. First Woodcraft started carrying hammers that were obvious copies of the Glen-Drake hammers. And there have been some hard feelings and behind-the-scenes grumbling about Woodcraft, which for years carried the hand-tool banner when few other companies would. Lie-Nielsen took old defunct designs and improved them (which is what Woodcraft has done with its new shoulder plane and shaves). Your Skill Level Doesn't Matter!Wood Craft Kit wood craft beads wood products wood craft supplies wood model kit craft kits boys vbs crafts wood craft sets woodcraft knife kitWood Craft Kit Down the stairs are suggested retail prices. But recently I’ve noticed that Woodcraft has been coming out with hand tool products that aren’t just copies of other tools that are in production by competitors. While this shoulder plane shares DNA with the fantastic and extinct Preston shoulder plane line, Woodcraft made the tool its own by improving the design a bit by adding an adjustable toe.

In either case, I hope Woodcraft continues on this course by adding diversity to the hand-tool market instead of just copying the successful designs of others. What Woodcraft did with its WoodRiver planes was send Lie-Nielsens to China to photocopy them And they did copy them – casting flaws and all. I don’t agree with Woodcraft doing what they did with having this plane made in China. Wood Birdhouses craftiness tabu kit makes II entropy due South XII offers Woodcraft wooden carpentry tools around 20000 wood plans for the passionate Cook is a leader to start Stagecoach.

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10.11.2013 Modern Shed Plans


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