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Further, veneer pieces can be combined in different patterns to achieve intriguing effects; book-matched and butt-matched are just the beginning. Sizes and colors may vary from actual product samples depending on the equipment on which images are viewed and printed. Somtimes reffered to as Blonde Sapeli due to its ribbon stripe, Obeche wood has been used from everything from pipe organs to drawer slides.

In addition to manufacturing MARITIME Custom Interior Floors and Floor Panels, we also supply a full range of wood flooring materials for construction. We sell solid wood, tongue and groove "teak & holly" flooring for those building their own floors. MARITIME continuously invests in research, development and real-world testing, to provide our customers the highest quality and best performing wood products.

A specialized use of Obeche wood is the construction of sauna interiour because of its lack of splinters and low heat retention.

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