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Woodturning Fall 2010Online projectEcently, I made several small vases with rings of contrasting wood around the circumference, and one of my latest projects is shown to the right. Woodturning: Designing A ProjectPage 26 More Woodturning September-October 2008 by Anthony Napoli, AAW, CMW You have just picked up some wood from one of your various sources. Wearing Appropriate Clothing When WoodworkingWoodturning can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, as long as proper safety precautions are taken.
Making A Small Beading ToolMore Woodturning November 2009 Page 31 Woodturning Books For Sale We are pleased to offer Schiffer Woodturning Books for Sale through More Woodturning. Turning AntlerUses for Antler: Although people are finding numerous uses for antler, I am only using it for small turning projects. This morning marched 10 miles and came to these hills where we are now passing southwest direction to find a pass, if possible, for the wagons into another valley. Accordingly, on Sunday morning the 29th day, all hands was engaged in fixing for a pass to go into the valley. On the sixth day, the camp traveled through the brush for about 12 miles and passed in among the hills and I found a beautiful grove of young timber of ash and a kind of walnut, a little like black walnut and a great variety of other wood or brush which grows on the mountains and in the valleys, good to burn. I awoke and told my dream and went to sleep and dreamed that I was called up by the brethren to tell it which I did and told them I thought it was for not keeping the covenants, but use the name of the Lord, their God in vain and it had become common language to curse each other.
These bottoms look like the best of soil in these valleys for about one mile wide, some places wider. Where our camp is, a small town called ‘Barnadeno’, once owned by a rich man who built it for himself. This is the mountains east are very high, running south until they come against this camp, then they turn east rounding corner and then turns north as I have laid down on another map down the St.

This land that we have passed between here and town is baron, desolate waste and nothing grows here and it looks like the best of land, a plenty of wood here, fires.
This is Christmas Day and yesterday there was watermelon brought in camp for sale and they was good melons, too. In one hollow or gully, it is said that this valley is the best of any and that here is a good place for raising any kind of grain, also anything of the fruit kind, and by the looks of the land here, it seems that a nation might be fed here as in Egypt, by watering the land which might be easily done.
This day I had a talk with Brother Dikes and traveled about 2 miles with him, in which time he told me that he had wanted some conversation for some time and would be glad if I would give him some council and then said that there was considerable feelings existing against him in the Battalion and he would like to do right and that he considered that I was the one to come to get council. I told him I already had that laid to me and I had had a put down for it when there never had been any cause for it and if I should give any council, it would be said again that I sought power and authority and I had concluded not to give any council to any officer, lest it should cause further jealousy. And then he said that he could clear himself of the charges that was against him and that he had defied any man to prove either Eclyseastacle or Military Law against him, for he had kept them both and when he got to the Church things he thought would be differently represented and would not appear as bad as many suppose and then asked me if I did not think that he had better be independent and do the thing strictly according to law. This day we traveled ten miles and come to the river northwest, then turned west by north and went ten miles further and being 18 miles over the best kind of land. This day made 7 miles over the hill, down on the flats near the bank of the river near a mountain which many ascended and viewed the country and I could see the winding Hely for a long distance. While passing along down the bottoms today, I saw another prickly body of the pear or appears to be a species of the same, in another form here. But, thank God we have served 6 months, save eleven days and we will try to heave it as good soldiers, although our shoes are worn out, our torn clothes are all almost gone, the skins of beavers are used for moccasins. Took a northwest course for four miles and turned around a mountain and in two miles further west, I took the shape of the end of the long mountains seen a long way back. After we had turned around here, we had to pass through the bottoms, the thickest kind of brush and small cane and cottonwood or poplar, willow and many other kinds of small brush.

I have now got in camp and the course we traveled from the bluffs was a northwest course for about two miles and began to bear a little around towards the west and now we are going west and I take some peaks that I can just see on the top of a hill or mountain as we are on the bottoms. There is no chance for any landscape here, only on the other side and up stream is a mountain. We put up, making 20 miles this day, by a good creek that would make the best of mill seats, not more than two rods to dam in between the mountains of rocks and there might be a lake formed big enough to water all the country below, but lack of building timber here. Louis Club Library ListBy bill Bowers Turning candlesticks by Mike Cripps fixtures and chucks for woodturning by Doc Green All Screwed up – John Berkeley Turning pens and desk accessories, Mike Cripps Woodturning-a fresh approach, Robert Chapman The art of fine woodturning, S. Leland Miniature Stool Design Considerations The seat of the stool is the most visible part of the stool therefore; using a figured wood will enhance the overall appeal of the finished stool.
Woodworking projects like round table tops, archways and many other circular forms need consistent, precise rounded cuts that can't be obtained cutting by hand. Pocket joints can even be used to connect angled joints in woodworking projects such as braces for leg rails.
For instance, one of the most common safety hazards when using a lathe is loose-fitting clothing. Gary Here is the encouragement, inspiration, and projects you need to move beyond the basics and become an accomplished precise woodturner. An article of clothing can be caught in a spinning lathe, which can be very hazardous to the operator.

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