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A router with a compass jig is the best tool for cutting the various circles my scope's design requires.
You can use any outdoor paint or stain for telescopes, but I like odour-free and easy-to-clean Verathane Diamond Wood Finish.
A jigsaw proved to be very useful for cutting out as much excess wood as possible from the rocker box panels.

Where possible, I tried to ensure that the remaining wood forms triangular elements for maximum rigidity. I glued sockets (consisting of ?-20 T-nuts mounted in wooden cubes of ?-inch plywood) into the ends of the square tubes, so that the front secondary-ring and rear, mirror cell could be affixed with socket-head cap screws.
At the front end I tallied additional weight savings by reducing the original scope’s secondary cage to a single plywood ring with a plate to accommodate the focuser, and a pair of mounting blocks for the curved secondary vane.

The front ring, rear mirror-cell plate, and side-bearings share the same 11-inch outside diameter, which meant I could save time by utilizing a single setting on my router’s circle-cutting jig.

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