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Please note that photos displayed are representative only, and may not exactly match the actual part designed for your vehicle. The new Xtreme Rack Deluxe from Go Rhino is an innovative, multi-functional sports rack and cargo management system with a cool custom look! Xtreme Rack Deluxe features fully modular construction and simple bolt-on design that requires NO DRILLING into your truck bed, and a unique roller system for easy loading and unloading of cargo. Now available for: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota full and midsize short and long bed pickups.
The all-new Hitch Step from Go Rhino fits into standard 2" receiver hitches, and provides easy, step-up access to your roof rack or truck bed. All our new honeycomb styles are available with the same options as our original headache racks. We don't recommend that you try this at home, but our customer said the headache rack prevented a lot of damage to his truck.

Virtually two headache racks built into one, this powerhouse headache rack not only adds a ton of strength for rollover protection, it gives the rugged yet high performance look of our standard headache racks favored among pickup re-stylers. If you're looking for a truck rack for your pickup, you won't find one much tougher or nicer looking.
These units are made of structural engineered extruded T6 channel, force-bent to dimensions. These top of the line headache racks are built by our best fabricators, welded by our best welders, and painted by our custom painters. It's unique, patented design allows the sport truck owner to customize the rack to his taste and style, while the tradesman can design the rack for maximum functionality. Gives your truck a rich look your buddies will be jealous of, plus it gives your pickup cab protection. This means there is no welds at the the top corners of the rack; the area where most racks fail.

If you're looking for tough, these are the toughest aluminum headache racks you will find on the planet.
100% all aluminum, painted to match your pickup, with an LED light package that demands semi truck attention. Xtreme Rack is available in your choice of either black powdercoated or stainless steel so you can choose the rack that fits your individual style.

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