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Building a fence gate is usually the last step involved with completing a fencing project around your home.
Regular gate framing made out of wood will most likely fail prematurely due to the elements. Fence gate hardware can be a significant portion of the gate material price, so you may as well get a fence gate kit that will outlast the wooden part of the fence. By adding an adjust-a-gate kit to your material bill you will not have the concern of replacing the framework of the gate itself, since it is made from durable metal. With so many styles and types of fence gate construction to choose from, it is often a bit overwhelming to design and build that perfect entryway to your backyard oasis.
After all that work, the last thing you wanna mess with is fence gate construction using an elaborate, prone to failure wooden framework. The inherent problem to using wood as the framing for your fence gates is the tendency wood has to warp, rot or otherwise distort its shape which will leave your gates dragging the ground in no time.

Gate kits should usually consist of a set of hinges, a fence gate latch, a cane bolt to insert into the ground and some even incorporate a spring loaded attachment to automatically close the door when coming and going.
Without quality hardware the gate will be a shell of its former self in a couple of years mainly due to its own weight.
Luckily there have been some pretty significant developments in fence gate design in the last few years, namely the Adjust-A-Gate framing kits.
You can opt to use cedar 2X4s for the gate frames, but this a semi expensive alternative and still will leave your gates sagging yet again after a little time.The truss cables help to hold up the weight of a large fence gate. Check out the adjust-a-gate hardware for building your next gate project you will certainly not be disappointed. This product has turned the most complicated part of constructing a gate into one of the less daunting tasks. I have personally used this product on customer properties as well as the construction of my own gates at home.

Using their kit to build the framework for your gate, you can rest easily knowing that your entryway will look good and be sag free for years to come. The flexibility of the kit will allow you to create a gate from four to six feet in height and anywhere from 36 inches to 96 inches wide. Using a pair of the larger gate kits you could easily create a double gate of 16 feet in width, which allows easy passage of trailers, boats and even the largest of recreational vehicles.
Adjust-A-Gate kit hinges are tested up to 3000 lbs before bending so you will have plenty of holding capacity for even the biggest gates.The heavy duty pin style hinges are tested to 3000 lbs!

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