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Not everyone can pick up all these tools in the garage, but a cheap saw, affordable dremel and patience make this DIY iPhone 5 dock possible. Users that don’t want to make their own iPhone 5 dock can buy a beautiful looking wooden iPhone 5 dock in a variety of finishes.
These wooden iPhone 5 docks range from a basic looking model going for $45 to Red Oak or Mahogany docks with bids under $30.

Users can even choose a dual iPhone dock with two Lightning cablesĀ andĀ space to dock two iPhone 5 devices, though the $80 opening bid and $99 Buy it Now is a bit pricey. Pilot had the canopy pushed back and stuck his head out to see the runway as he turned onto final. The company claims the Lightning cable includes Apple’s authentication chips so it can charge and sync the iPhone just like the cable purchases at an Apple Store.

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