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Noticeable differences in color and graining may occur between the above sample and finished doors. This door skin is manufactured with extreme heat and pressure compression and has a special decorative layer which is scratch resistant, water resistant, fire-retardant, noise deadening, and pre-finished. We are manufacturer in Viet Nam specialize production Furniture made in bamboo, rattan, wood in big quantity, many containers, bulks.
ColorsGenerally, each wood and specification has four colors: True color, A color, Standard color, B color, and white color baked optional. ProductionThe suit door will be finished via 16 bigger working procedures and around 50 detailed working procedures.
The veneered doors require a particularly careful maintenance in order to avoid damaging the surface.
Wood is a good heat insulator and helps to balance internal humidity and so to maintain a comforting living ambient.
In most trees, the wood formed early in season is lighter of colour than wood growing later in the year. A heavy, durable wood, close and straight in the grain, with curls in the figure, light red in color when cut, and becoming deeper and richer in hue with exposure. Much of the fine furniture of George I’s reign was made of walnut and also veneered with walnut. Oak has been the key wood in America's industrial revolution: railroad ties, wheels, plows, looms, barrels and of course, furniture and doors.
Several other dark, heavy woods from unrelated species are also called ebony because of their color. Hard Maple is currently used for furniture, cabinets, decorative woodwork, flooring, veneers, cutting surfaces, bowling pins, utensils, and bowls.. It is used extensively in the box making industry, and often soft maple boxes are then covered with decorative wood veneers. Cedar is a lightweight and dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight, which means it resists the natural tendency to crack and check as you might find in many other wood species.

Its bacterial and fungal resistance coupled with the fact that Cedar is 80% the strength of Oak, makes it the most desirable wood to use for building outdoor furniture.
Western Red Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay making it excellent furniture material for moist or humid climates. Among other things these naturally occurring organic compounds called (thujaplicins) give off that distinct cedar aroma that is pleasant to humans but a deterrent to insects, moths and other wood pests. Generally, manufacturers design and produce this suit door relying on its make, color, size of door opening, and thickness of wall.
Lackwalnut, Red Oak, Rose Wood, Makore, Teak, Zingana, Taurl spp., Tunisia and other natural rare wood. Veneer lets you put a distinctive face atop cost effective materials such as particle board, mdf or wood core substrates. All parts of a building can be efficiently constructed of wood except foundations; its disadvantage is susceptibility to fire, mold, and termites.
This rare wood, known for its beautiful grain and deep, reddish-brown color, endows furniture with a timeless, traditional quality. While present-day taste appreciates the mellowed brown hue to which time has reduced many extant pieces, in the 18th Century, the dark reddish color of the newly polished wood was much preferred.
Historically drinking goblets were made from its wood, as they believed it was an antidote for poison, and its use would ward off their enemy's evil intent. Additionally, Teak wood with its antibacterial characteristics will not become brittle. The wood is simply sandpapered and brush coated once or twice with strong ammonia to give it a yellow color similar to the aged or antique appearance of the real deal wood after long exposure.
However we hope you would like to enjoy seeing it and discover a great business opportunities concerning the doors for every need.
Not only are veneer doors usually more economical but they also make better use of our forest resources. Use only water or specific products for varnished wood that do not contain alcohol-based substances that may damage the paint surface.

The strength of wood in both tension and compression arises from its organic nature, which gives it an internal structure of longitudinal and radial fibres that is not impaired by cutting or long exposure. Often the heart stock, shows black mineral lines and darker grey streaking, particularly in wood milled in the northern part of its range. Cherry helped define American traditional design because Colonial cabinetmakers recognized its superior woodworking qualities.
It has been used for hundreds of years for interior house trim and as the core stock or solid parts of furniture and cabinet work over which veneers of finer finishing woods were glued. A dark walnut stain is recommended for our walnut doors to blend the sapwood with the heartwood. Our solid core veneer doors have the same look and feel and actually weigh more than our solid wood doors.
Strength varies greatly with seasoning and with the direction of the grain; wood is much stronger when cut along the grain than when cut across it. Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, and because of this it has often been used for the decking of ships - with its special aroma, cruise ships in particular. Do not spray water directly on the cabinet, keeping surfaces dry, clean grease stains immediately with aqueous solutions at low concentration of alcohol, rinse and dry immediately, do not open the dishwasher during or just finished the wash cycle as the steam can damage this type of door. When the wood is sawed into planks, knots become clear as somewhat circular discontinuities or irregularities in the grain structure. Knots are generally undesirable in lumber from the standpoint of appearance and their negative influence on the strength of the wood.

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