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Building the CNC Router ProjectThe concept came about because I wanted to manufacture a simple way to fold the CD inserts for CD and DVD back trays cases.The ready made printable Avery type back tray inserts are quite expensive. This past Sunday, I added the z-axis to my diy CNC router project.  It certainly has that homemade quality to it. I added smaller drawer slides to the vertical framing of what will be the holding plate for the router (or plasma cutter) that will eventually be fitted to the CNC. If there is a lot of backlash and stickiness to the slides, it may severely affect the cuts and ability for the stepper motors to move things effectively. This entry was posted in Build a CNC, Building with Wood, Design and tagged CNC, DIY, homemade by Jason Sipe. Show off your woodworking skills by making a stylish cheese slicer, it's a great beginner woodworking project with big results. When dealing with large project parts or plywood it can be tough to get good results cutting them down to size. Make this awesome lamp with free pallet wood!Subscribe to my YT channel for more projects!Cheers!

Floating shelves feature with unseen mounting system that save place and beautiful, just like floating on wall.
I wanted to try something new and decided to make some segmented boxes, but not on the lathe, no on the band saw. I have not found any other Instructable or online guide that suggests this method of building .I think that this is an amazing new way to build a shed using shelving as the core, which saves a lot of work and money. For this step we are simply making the cuts necessary and organizing the layout of our barnwood top.This was my girlfriends' first go of things around power tools, so of course she had to use them. I was scratching my head about this concept for ages, but I'm pleased to see now that it works and share it with you all! I like to make stuff out of logs, and lately I've done a couple of projects where I needed the ends to be perfectly flat and parallel.For most log projects you could probably just use a chainsaw and get the ends close enough.
A prototype injection molding venture is expensive for a item that would have a limited market.With my CAD ability and the mistakes I probably would make with the first or second test this is out of the question.
For the woodworkers, the chisel is the simple, multifaceted tool you just can't live without.

They're not - here's how to make one out of old wood you may have lying around, and you only need one measurement.
Refurbishing the table will bring a higher value for it, and will make it more eye appealing in your household. My new Y rails bolted perfectly to the T-Slot using weld nuts and I was able to slide them back and forth to line things up.The table is a 22x22 cutting area, which is more than enough for my present projects. The bottom of the gantry will be whacked off to length and clamp the drive belts to the end of the ears.The router is coming along pretty good. I have the cutting deck (MDF) setting there for the picture and the router isn't attached yet. Had a hard time trying to figure out how to make decent one.Later on I wound up removing the e-stop.

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