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The first thing that you need to do before you can make your gable shed is find out the local rules and regulations regarding outdoor construction.
I suppose the thing you can do is, if you have a place to live and the time to do it already, is to take the plywood splice plates out and put in better quality ones before you finish out the houses. I’ve seen this type of construction for gambrel roofs in a lot of shed and cabins, basically they will not pass code in most areas for a dwelling. On the roof rafters, a few well placed Simpson connectors would go a long way to make them more structurally sound. The gable roof is the standard roof design that most people picture when they think about a shed.
The gable roof design also allows for the storage of tall items that would not normally fit in a flat-roof shed. Trust me, if you try to use a set of free gable shed plans you found online you’re going to regret it.

Better Built Portable Storage Buildings by Dix are outdoor storage sheds, barns, garages, cabins and offices that are built onsite in Kansas and then delivered by truck. 32 X 12 lofted cabin with give room for bed above door, 12 x 14 living area, 12 x 12 kitchen and small dining area, a 6 by 6 bathroom, and 6 x 6 storage closet. A premium set of plans will ensure a much smoother build and will save you have wasting money on a shed you’re not happy with. The end of the cottage features a larger door for adult access making it a very versatile storage shed. My experience with this kind of building allows customers to ask for special features, like windows that match their home, to have the interior left unfinished on the inside so elctrical outlets and switches, etc, can be placed where needed, and I’m sure other features could be requested. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. Dix claims all of their portable barns, sheds, cabins and garages are built to hold up under heavy use and provide a lifetime of service.

I think there is a place for several different levels when it comes to value, but it is rare to run across something that good. Most of the buildings are for storage, livestock and gardening, but three of their designs may make a great tiny house: the Lofted Porch, the Portable Casita and the Mini Cottage.
These are all things you’ll need to consider when designing and building your gable roof shed.

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