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Next, cut out the panels and splines from material that has been machined with the thickness planer to fit precisely in the frame grooves.
This elegant cedar deck box offers extra seating for unexpected guests as well as plenty of storage under the lid for cushions, small gardening tools and other odds and ends that may be cluttering up your outdoor living space. If you plan on using contrasting colors, as I did, then it’s easier to apply the finish before the parts are assembled.

Working quickly, apply glue to the splines, then bring the frame members together with the panels in place. Build the project without a lid and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom to adapt this versatile design to create a matching planter box. You can also expand the dimensions to construct a larger box, with even more storage and seating for two.

With the splines and panels on hand, you’re ready to dry-fit the frames to see if all the parts are going to fit according to plan.

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