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From rustic to regal, large to small wood sheds, Summerwood transforms humble shed kits into stylish extensions of homes. The Home & Garden Centre in Monmouthshire, Wales has a large selection of garden cabin kits that are currently only delivered to Wales, England and the Scottish Lowlands, but I saw that some of the designs and styles of these kits contains some details not seen in other kit structures and which could be translated over to other stationary tiny houses. Some of these finished kits have built-in decks and covered porches, large windows, double doors and sit well in a garden or on a deck.
A very similar product can be found on ebay if you wade through and eliminate the plywood cabin kits. When considering where to place a new shed, there are three criteria: location, location, location. Even the most ordinary garden shed can be transformed with a little paint and simple decor. Create a fancier, Victorian style shed with an octagonal window or arched glass insert in the door and complete the look with a little gingerbread trim.

Bring out your personality with artwork, both inside and out, that stamps the shed as uniquely yours.
You can work with us to design your shed easily, we can even help you assemble it then enjoy it for years. The company sells kits for traditional and contemporary style log cabins, log cabins that will fit into the corner of a piece of property as well as smaller structures like saunas and and tool sheds.
No matter what your shed is made of, get a rustic look by painting it in a muted earth tone, and adding barn door hinges. Or, let your garden shed reflect your hobbies, such as sailing or fishing, with Cape Cod colours complemented with hanging fishing nets, oars, or lobster traps.
Create a stone pathway to the front door of your shed and spray-paint an old chair to sit out front. The packages come in complete kit form with detailed instructions for installation and optional extras like insulation kits and underfloor heating.

These days a shed can help beautify your garden, become an attractive place to relax, and bring a little “backyard appeal” to your home. If quaint and cozy is more your cup of tea, paint the shed in a light colour, complemented with darker shutters and window boxes. For added comfort, include a bench with cushions or a rocking chair for the days you want to sit in your garden and enjoy a good book.
Check with your municipality to ensure that the size and position of your shed meets all regulations. Whatever your reasons for wanting a new shed, let Summerwood be your shed information center.

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