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If you've been using SketchUp to model your woodworking projects, you've probably gone through the exercise of drawing in dovetail joints. Since I want to use the same joint on all four corners I copied the lines with the Move tool and placed it at the corner of the box.
DaveRichards writes: smaher, the plugin draws the layout of the dovetail joint working up from the origin. Note that I ran the plugin outside the components and then copied it into the components to actually cut the joints.
Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog. Step 1: Import (as an image) the orthographic sketches from Sam's article How I Make a Rocker in Fine Woodworking issue #42 into SketchUp. The screws (which are not necessary if the joinery is good) should be left to the very last in order to allow for shaping of the parts. With SketchUp, the amateur or professional woodworker will be able to generate scaled 3-D models of projects and exercise all the details that range from dimensions, joinery, design features etc. The design phase is the most difficult part of a woodworking project to evidently communicate on how it will look in after being completed. In building phase the woodworker can put in details in least possible time in the model for detailing all parts and making it ready for the shop containing information on the proper size and location of all the parts and all the joints.
A woodworker can also utilize sketchup for setting up the router or shaper cutters for the joints quickly and easily in production shops.
From a sketchup model a woodworker can get a full-size patterns, exploded & orthogonal views of every single piece, precise cutlists and printed drawings. By applying sketchup a woodworker will get the ability to produce various scenes with layers for dimensions in quickest possible time containing significant details by copying sections of the model and moving them into unfilled space. A woodworker can utilize sketchup to model joints, molding, doors and drawers for taking out information concerning every part in the project.
The woodworker can render their sketchup model for presentation, development of cutlists and panel optimization, and printing dimensioned drawings along with details, sections and exploded views.

The woodworkers can develop a entire piece of furniture with sketchup by shaping cabriole legs, back slats, stem-bent parts, scrolled aprons, tapered legs etc. There is good plugin for sketchup known as SketchStruct Ruby Sketchup Plugin Ver1.02 which can be very useful for woodworking project. Wudword Board Maker plugin computerizes the formation of board components for designing woodworking projects in SketchUp. This plugin can easily and smoothly creates Mortise and Tenon joinery in your models by entirely automating their creation. WWX Dovetails plugin for Sketchup is compatible with the version 7 and 8 on windows,mac, and linux) for automating dovetail formation in models. The plugin creates flat dovetail arrays, and also half blind and through dovetails for instant joinery. Bob’s innovative book “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp”, is the ideal way for anyone to learn this program.
But first, it is critical for me to understand the design, details and joinery by "constructing" this chair (or any first-time piece) in SketchUp. Below I've tried to represent the joinery used by Maloof from the information provided in the Fine Woodworking articles. CJ, I've been a film set designer for nearly 20 years and now use Sketchup on a daily basis, not just for modeling but for putting out working drawings of everything from planes to ships to kitchens. The sketchup is now considered as a most trusted tool for planning, designing, problem solving, decision making for woodworkers to accomplish any woodworking project to avoid problems & costly mistakes before getting to the shop.
But now with sketchup a woodworker can generate a fully rotatable, fully detailed 3D image after the preliminary design phase and present it to the client by attaching through email.
SketchUp permits for diverse views applying its Pages function and dimensions are added easily. With sketchup a woodworker can illustrate a solitary door and don’t have to redraw it provided that the molding and panel profiles remain the intact.
He's done an excellent job of simplifying the task of drawing this common joint with a dialog box.

Also use the Scale Tool to make the dimensions in the image equal to full-size in SketchUp.
I spent a lot of hours on my simple model so I can only imagine how long you've been working with SketchUp.
SketchUp looks great but I do a lot of kitchen and room plans for my customers, is this the program I should be looking at or do you recommend something else without getting into a full blown and expensive CAD program. With professional version of SketchUp, one will be able to apply LayOut for creating polished drawings. The current version is capable of analyzing only pin-jointed trusses with point loads applied at joints.
After you enter the values for the layout, The lines for the joint are drawn vertically at the origin. The front-to-back face of this joint is made at a 5 degree angle to provide the back leg splay. For other aspiring SketchUp artists I recommend downloading the free version and then visiting and searching the public "3D Warehouse" for ideas and even models and project components that they can download and use as the basis of their projects.
Future versions of SketchStruct will consist of stiff jointed frames with any loading conditions. I didn't really make any progress in SketchUp until I downloaded someone else's vaguely similar plan and then started pulling and pushing on the parts with various tools to get the hang of it.
One caution though - SketchUp can be addictive and will definitely cut into your shop time (please pardon the poor pun).

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