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They will never need painting in most low corrosive atmospheres and maintain their value and appearance for years.Ranbuild offer two types of garage frames to suit different price markets.
All garage models are available in two cladding profiles, two cladding thicknesses and four roof pitches. You can also select colours and a roof pitch to closely match your house.Ranbuild garages make great week-enders, huts, construction or mine site sheds, etc.

Garage workshops offer plenty of space for a car and a boat, or two cars plus a full size work area with its own access door and window.
Garage workshop combinations are one of our most popular models.At Novobuild we can alter cladding and door configurations to make garages suit all sorts of uses. At Novobuild, we understand these requirements and can help you choose the correct garage for your needs and building site.

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