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Consider what you will use the shed for and you can stake off an area to visualize how it will look in its surroundings.
If the shed is in a place that will be in plain view of the street or home, you can add windows and flower boxes to spruce up the exterior.
Makes sure there is not only enough room for the items to be stored in the shed, but also room enough to access those items. Having the right outdoor storage shed plans can help you build your own shed rather than rely on expensive contractors. There are even plans for picnic tables, planter boxes, playground equipment and other backyard structures.
You will learn all you need to know to build a beautiful shed of your choice in your own back yard. Even if you have an existing shed that needs renovation, you will find extremely useful tips here. The entire ebook and program contains hundreds of different designs for outdoor sheds, structures and buildings.
The program is geared toward home owners that like woodworking and includes not only the shed plans you need, but woodworking course material as well.

This entry was posted in Architectural Design, Planning and tagged Amazing, planning, Spaces. The reason for my interest is because I was once an elected council counillor and much of my time was taken up with planning issues – particularly where someone wished to build on to or extend either height or ground coverage of an existing property. Without wishing to denigrate the professionalism of planning officers, they can, at times, become seeped in the mire of local planning rules and regulations. The rules around Permitted Development Rights have been revised recently, and in fact more is potentially allowed without the need for planning.
You can even plan a backyard retreat, or just a place to keep the lawnmower and gardening supplies. Or you can choose just to build a simpler type shed with either single or double doors depending on what will be stored.
With the right plans, materials and patience, you can create the beautiful outdoor shed of your dreams with your own hands.
If you love woodworking, get the shed plans today and have your own garden shed in use soon. For example, they do not apply in front of the Principle Elevation fronting a highway, which normally means you can’t put a shed up in your front garden!

For example an outbuilding more than twenty meters from the house must not cover an area over 10m? and anything to the side of the house will require Planning Permission. You can do this by contacting Building Design Professionals like us or by asking at your Local Authority Planning Department. However, I always advise people to get an Architectural Designer to help, they have more knowledge and experience and can guide a home owner through the process and make sure that what is built meets the permitted development guidelines or receives the appropriate approvals.
To find out if your property has its permitted development rights removed, check the conditions listed on the original Planning Consent.
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