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If the shed is situated in a windy area and there are concerns, then additional securing measures should be taken. 1.) Concrete a pile or post into the ground under each corner of the shed and fasten to the bottom plate with a metal strap or similar type of fastener. For all the years I have been building sheds, I have found the following shed door hardware to be the best you can use for building shed doors. Although shed door hinges make up such a tiny proportion of your shed building materials, they are an essential element that can enhance your enjoyment and use of your shed immensely. Even if you're buying a prefabricated shed or kit with everything included, you can still discard the standard hinges and add your own.
Here's a guide to choosing, buying and sourcing shed door hinges, giving you everything you need to make the right decision about one of your most important pieces of shed hardware.
The typical shed door hinge is a zinc coated, standard shape that serves its purpose and is relatively inexpensive to buy. The next alternative is to buy black resin coated hinges, which give a nice finish to your shed and are very rust resistant. Or you could spend some time looking for something completely unique to add an individual stamp to you shed.
The final option when it comes to shed door hinges is to search for antique pieces from sites such as Ebay.

These instructions on measuring, making and installing a shed door are suited to the Buildeazy free plan 'How to build a 8'x10' storage shed ' but the same principles can be applied to many shed designs.
The size (thickness, width and height) of your shed door will determine the number and size of door hinges needed.
Backyard Spaces has release woodworking plans for your outdoor spaces as well equally other free plans and book of instructions for building most things outside. Wind: It is presumed that this shed will be tucked away in a sheltered part of the back yard without any real concern about the wind, and because it is a heavy and solid structure, it is highly unlikely that it is going to blow away under normal conditions.
Sheds are used to store gardening supplies, lawn mowers and other objects intended for outdoor use. I like using galvanized piano hinges as they wont rust, and if someone is trying to break into your shed, they wont be able to do it by unscrewing a few bolts off because there are none.
This can have an impact on the security of your shed, with concealed hinges being the most secure and unable to be removed from the outside. This is really useful if you have a big garden to keep pets and wildlife out of the shed, especially when you have your arms full of tools or materials.
You might find a hinge from a medieval castle or an ancient fortress, giving your shed something completely unique that's rooted in history. Pins about Pergola backyard ideas give picked aside Pinner Dana Bradley See woodworking projects for 5 year olds fencing ideas wall Plans Fence Instructions How to construct Wood Fences.

The main shed door hardware I will be referring to is shed door handles, hinges, and door thresholds. Also, a piano hinge will help to keep your shed door aligned and less likely to warp along that edge as it is secured all the way up and down the hinge side. Many large DIY online stores, such as Home Depot, sell shed hardware kits that have everything you'll need in one pack including hinges, door latch, window fasteners and all the fixings needed to attach them.
Designs such as a Fleur de Lyes or an ancient castle theme can really look stylish on the front of a shed door. Our extensive collection of parts and accessories includes shed doors for sale, hinges,hardware, windows and much, much more! Our shed door kits offer everything you need including hinges, door latchm, barrel bolts and even the matching color screws.
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Strap hinges are one of the least secure ways to hang a shed door, but are popular because of their classic look and ease of installation.

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