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Find the latest articles, green roof events, and green roof projects highlighting Living Roofs, Inc. We love green roofs and the many benefits they provide; yet access to them for the homeowner, artist, young builder, gardener, and green roof enthusiasts is limited.
The single-pitch roof makes it easy to use filtered rainwater for the Space’s water supply, and gives the solar panels a full day of sunlight. With the combination of its sustainable building practices and their use of renewable energy, Reclaimed Space is delivering sustainable living, anywhere.

These living quarters start at 240 square feet and can be configured modularly for larger designs. Using our extensive experience in green roof design and installation we teamed up with W2 Architects to develop plans for green roof sheds that YOU (or your carpenter-friend who owes you a favor) can build.
We believe that good design need not be expensive and you’ll find this is the case with your new s h e l t e r green roof shed. The units’ cost-effectiveness and small size allows for affordable community living or temporary lodging.

Your shed is dynamic; it is alive, and responds and changes to the season, time of day, and light.

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