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For nearly a hundred years and for over four generations Albert Fiddes & Sons have been producing high quality traditional wax polishes made from the finest ingredients for the furniture and antique trade. This wax was originally developed for the Antique Pine furniture trade and is very popular for use on stripped doors, panelling and furniture. Ideal for woods like Oak, Walnut and Elm where are slightly darker brown may be  required. The Jacobean is the darkest wax in the supreme range and normally used on very dark, almost black furniture to enrich the patina.
Yes, wax can be applied to bare wood, but it will not then give a deep gloss finish because the wax absorbs into the wood. Beeswax polish is traditional and is excellent, and we even sell in our Ebay Shop pure English beeswax to make your own beeswax polish, but beeswax polish tends to show up finger marks, so its not ideal for pieces that are regularly handled or used. Without doubt the best wax for use on unsealed Oak and Pine beams or for large areas and projects like barn conversions is Liberon liquid beeswax, it is traditional and protects the natural beauty of the wood against dryness, and in liquid form it is easier to apply than a wax polish because the liquid can be painted on with a brush.
Thats a difficult question to answer because both companies make really excellent waxes, although they are to a degree aimed at different markets, Liberon Black Bison wax is by far the most popular, whist Fiddes is a smaller family business and their products are aimed mostly used by the antique and furniture trade, and in the main Fiddes products are a little cheaper.
Surface Cleaner - Is a blend of powerful solvents, which will remove accumulated wax and dirt from furniture without harming the original finish. Glasspaper Sheets is also called Sandpaper or Cabinet paper, it is an abrasive sheet for sanding down wood, paint and varnish etc. Just for information some abrasives sheets or rolls are also frequently sold with the number with the letter "P" (P meaning Particle size) for example P240, but 240 and P240 are identical and the P does not realy mean anything.
The Fiddes range of Pine Water Stains are recommended for use on new or old pine furniture, doors and floors etc where an antique, aged appearance is preferred.

The mellow wax is a slightly harder wax than the Supreme range and has a longer drying time; this longer drying time is perfect for larger pieces of furniture because the wax can be spread further before the wax dries. Supreme wax polish is a soft polish that is very easy to apply, it nourishes, protects and provides a lasting depth of sheen which will enhance the natural beauty of your wood. Each wax is suitable for all types of wood and ideally suited for Fine Furniture, Doors, Floors, Cabinet Work, Paneling and Picture framing etc, as well as being equally suitable for craft work such as carving, woodturning and general woodworking projects. I always recommend to use a Tack cloth before applying the wax, this is to remove the microscopic dust particles that will otherwise get trapped under the surface, I normally use Liberon Tack cloths which I find are excellent and not greasy, or at the very least use a damp cloth and then allow the wood to naturally dry.
Coloured waxes are used to enhance the natural colour of the wood and they are also good because they can also conceal any minor blemishes like nicks, cracks, and scrapes.
I would recommend on bare wood to brush on a thin coat of Liberon sanding sealer, the sanding sealer, seals and protects the wood, it fills the pores and hardens the wood fibres to make them slightly more brittle, this makes them easier to sand and also provides a better base on which to apply the wax finish. Beeswax polish is also slow drying, although this is a big advantage on large pieces of furniture like wardrobes or wood panels,  because you can get a nice even thin spread of wax on the piece before the wax starts to dry.
The kit contains all the products you will need to remove many of the worst blemishes from polished wood and restore it to its former beauty.
It should be applied with a soft cloth, or, if the wood is very dirty, with 000 Steel Wool. Glasspaper is made in varing grades of roughness, basicly its graded on the size of the abrasive grains that are used, the grains are called the "grit" and basicly the grit is glued onto paper (called the backing paper) the bigger the grit particle size then the rougher the abrasive, the abrasiveness of the finished sheet is then given a number and the higher the number the smoother the paper: for example 240 grit.
I would add a few words of caution, when comparing the prices of all types of abrasives, because you only get what you pay for is very true, the main cost and quality of the all abrasive sheets and rolls is not the abrasive grit! This tough and durable heavy paper backed sanding roll has an High Performance Aluminium Oxide structure which is ideal for general purpose sanding and stock removal.

He began working in his father's furniture repair business when he was 10 years old, and hasn't been able to get the sawdust out of his veins since. The Mellow Wax range is a firm favourite with Antique dealers, Antique restorers and makers of fine reproduction furniture and used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood. Toluene has a smell like paint thinners and used as an inhalant drug for its intoxicating properties.
We sell in our Ebay Shop Liberon Beeswax polish in paste and in liquid form and we also sell Fiddes Mellow wax, this is a beeswax based wax and is the number 1 choice of the antiques trade. Leave the wax to dry for 6 hours and then polish the beams, the easiest method is to use a Liberon Wax Polishing brush (not a liberon furniture brush)  a wax polishing brush is courser, although it is still quite soft and the brush will help to stop you getting splinters in you hand. Wipe off the solution of dirt formed whilst still damp, with a clean rag or paper kitchen towels. Curt graduated from North Carolina State University's industrial engineering program with a Bachelor of Science in Furniture Manufacture and Management. For normal everyday use on furniture Liberon Black Bison or the Fiddes Supreme range are the best waxes money can buy, both are very similar, both quick drying, and they both contain carnauba wax to make them more hardwearing.

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