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During the winter of 2001 hemlock logs were cut on nearby property to provide wood for the new barn timbers.
The new timbers were cut and stacked near the East Monitor Barn, a companion barn also built in the early 1900s. Crew members from the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps helps with the construction of the new barn foundation during the summer of 2001.
Each timber for the new barn was cut and labeled, ready to be put in place as the frame is erected.

A crew from Restoration and Traditional Building erects the new barn frame during the summer of 2002. Vermont Youth Conservation Corps crew members use stones from the original barn to complete the new foundation. Throughout the end of summer and through the fall Reap Construction worked to complete the monumental task of installing the red clapboard siding to the exterior. The pine clapboard was installed in November and the barn was restored to its original glory.

In December and January we broke ground on the carriage barn and the foundation was poured. Throughout the cold months of January and February Reap Construction worked tirelessly to erect the frame and sheath the carriage barn.

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