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With my record tool collection I found most of my Record Tools at Markets, Garage sales, Auction rooms and on eBay.There were also many other contributions made by interested donors and friend's. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Leslie Harrison (UK) for his kind permission to re-print part of the introduction from his book 'Record Tools, a re-print of Record Tools catalogue No 15 1938 with a guide for Record plane collectors' Published 2003, and for sending me the original draft for his book. I have been collecting Record Tools for about 40 years and these are my observations on the history of C & J.

He has a definitive collection of Record Tools and is acknowledged as the leading authority on Record Tools. A Record 05 Jack Plane and a 044 Plough Plane then over my apprenticeship I bought an 0220, 09?, block planes and a No.

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