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Projects are nothing but a group of people getting together and achieving an objective – like building system or constructing a bridge.
Note, depending on the type of project and the kind of activities involved, your team to do list can look differently. Once the list is created, first we should save it a network location where the list can be accessed by everyone.
If your company runs Sharepoint Server, you can export the excel to do list as a list in Sharepoint site and have it accessed by everyone in the team.
You can create multiple copies of the to do list and share it with your team members and consolidate all the spreadsheets on frequent basis. Go ahead and download the excel team to-do list template [.xls version here] and use it as a project tracking tool. In the next installment, learn how to prepare a project time line that can display various key project milestones. Check out my Project Management using Excel page for more resources and helpful information on project management. What I’m missing is a way to have the project gantt chart and reporting with the data per resource, in such a way that I can also show the occupation per resource on an extended gantt chart. Funny I have a post on the value of MS project lined up which I will post when the current monster project I’m working on finishes and I get some free time! I just see almost no applications why a team would need to inform others separate from the schedule that they have completed a task on a to-do list unless anyone of the 4 people could of completed that task.
My point is, there might be a few very limited applications for this type of list but this list would be worthless as a Project Management tool in every other case.
I think using excel to do Project Management over a real Project Management application is a bad idea. Coming to your point about excel as a real project management tool, well, I have my views, but in a serious project environment, it would surely payoff to have a dedicated project management application.
Business case serves as a formal document that explains why initiate a project, what problem to address by the project and what solution to use. Create a list of evaluation criteria for measuring options (alternatives) for effectiveness.

Develop a project management strategy that supports the solution implementation plan and explains how to develop and manage the project. The Guidelines for Preparing Research Proposals are available in HTML, PDF and RTF formats. Intellectual property information: If the project involves intellectual property issues or is related to any arrangements or agreements that may affect the intellectual property arising from the research, describe how this will be managed. Fieldwork information: If the project involves the research outside of UWA, describe how this work will be managed. Facilities: If the project requires any facilities, equipment or resources that are not available at UWA, indicate how these will be accessed. Statistical component: If the project involves statistical analysis, describe how this analysis will be undertaken.
Skills audit: If additional skills training is required for the project, outline a strategy to attain these skills. Research project communication: Provide an overview for communication of the project research. Data Management: Please indicate how the data collected as part of the project will be stored. Research project plan: Provide a plan of the research project from enrolment to thesis submission.
If the project involves the collection of confidential or sensitive information, you need to describe how this information will be managed.
If your project does not involve confidentiality, sensitivity or intellectual property, you should sate clearly that no such issues exist. If you require access to any special forms of literature that is not available from the UWA Library, you will need to indicate how this literature will be accessed. You should assess if you need to develop any particular skills in order to complete your project. You also need to assess the health and safety risks to you and other persons from your project in accordance with the UWA Safe System of Work. Prior to the commencement of your project, you should complete a Research Data Management Plan.

Create deadlines for each stage of your project so you can work steadily towards completing the project.
While it is important to have a overall project plan and vision, it is equally important to understand how various day to day project activities are going on.
This is a painful process as any format changes can create problems to your consolidation process. In fact, I know very little about project management, that is why I started this series, so that I can share the little I have picked up in the last few years and learn more from you. Thanks for sharing your ideas… I think to do lists are a great way to keep up with project activities and ensure accountability from individual team members, when they are implemented right. Unless you are running a very small, simple project, the time and effort is a lot more to use excel compared to the cost of the Project Management software.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Determine if skills training is required for the project using the skills audit proforma provided. You also need to indicate if there are any intellectual property issues should be considered, including any existing intellectual property of value that is pertinent to your project and to any agreements that may affect your right to  intellectual property arising from your project. Using the skills audit proforma, break down your project into stages, assess your ability to complete each of these stages with the skill set you currently have. Similarly, it is essential that all required safety and other training is complete prior to the commencement of the project. This plan outlines ownership, collection, organisation, storage, backup, retention, disposal and access of the data generated during the course of your project. Your submission date is critical, so when constructing a research project plan try working backwards from this date. The related guidance and General Safety Risk Assessment form for this approval is available online.

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