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Before assembling the bookcase, you'll need to apply the edge banding to all the exposed plywood edges. For smooth results, fill any gaps or voids in the edge of the plywood before applying the edge banding. Instead of edging the plywood panels of the bookcase with strips of hardwood, I decided to use iron-on edge banding. The only items you need for applying edge banding are an iron, a trimming tool, and some wood filler.

An inexpensive tool is used to trim the edge banding flush with the sides of the panel (Photo 3). The next page gives step-by-step instructions on how easy the edge banding is to work with. You don't want gaps to telegraph through the banding, and the banding will be less likely to peel away or chip.
Set the iron on high heat (cotton) and place a piece of kraft paper over the banding to prevent scorching.

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