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Designer Shelton Davis did just that and came up with an amazing repurposed chair built from pallet wood that otherwise would have headed for the landfill.
Davis wanted to come up with a sustainable solution to help combat the problem, and the pallet Adirondack chair was born. He's planning to print the directions for the kits, which will be available this spring, on discarded shopping bags to minimize waste even further. If you're interested in more information about the Pallet Adirondack Chair, you can contact Shelton Davis for deets!
By creating this chair you’re probably aware that 8.8 million tons of furniture polluted our landfills in 2005! The PAC Adirondack Chair guide is AVAILABLE through ETSY….Limited first run people so they are hot off the presses! I’ve gotten a few emails and comments asking for plans for the giant adirondack chair I built. Wanted to share a quick story with you – 2 years ago my partner and I were traveling i Boston and came across some giant Adirondack chairs in a botanical garden- and we instantly loved them!
I love your big chair and I’m giving these instructions to Hubby – thank you for posting them!
We had an oversized adirondack chair like this in our garden for years but it is now rotten and cannot be repaired. Ann Rose could maybe check with her local high school building shop class for a more economical option. This is the Outdoor and Garden - Adirondack Furniture category of information.This collection of Adirondack woodworking plans features a variety of styles to suit most (if not all) tastes! Maritime Dolphin Sun Chair Woodworking PatternHave fun building one of our themed sun chairs.
7 Sizes of Rocker Blades to Convert Your Chiar Woodworking PlanWe provide seven different lengths of rocker blades.
Maritime Maple Leaf Chair Woodworking Plan  Have fun building one of our clearly Canadian Maple Leaf chairs. 5 piece Adirondack Style Garden Furniture Vintage Woodworking Plan  This is a vintage woodworking plan. 7 Sizes of Rocker Blades to Convert Your Chiar Woodworking Plan  We provide seven different lengths of rocker blades. Adirondack Chair and Footrest Woodworking Plan  Here are two projects that let you spend a lot more time relaxing than building. Adirondack Chair Built-In Footrest Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  A design that is long overdue. Adirondack Chair Lounger Vintage Woodworking Plan  About as comfortable a garden lounger as you can find. Adirondack Chair with Built-In Footrest Woodworking Plan  A design that is long overdue. Adirondack Chair Woodworking Plan  This design is a classic for sitting back and relaxing.

Adirondack Chair, Flair Back (PDF)  The Adirondack Chair has been around since the early 1900 is. Adirondack Childrens Chair Woodworking Plan  Our uniquely designed and easy to build Childrens Adirondack Chair is one of the most comfortable wooden chairs that we have ever designed for kids. Adirondack Coffee Table Woodworking Plan  This stylish coffee table is the perfect compliment to your adirondack furniture.
Adirondack Dolphin Chair Woodworking Plan  Our Adirondack Dolphin Chair & Footrest is uniquely designed and very easy to build. Adirondack End Table Vintage Woodworking Plan  This Adirondack style end table will make a great addition to your outdoor furniture this summer season. Adirondack Fanback Chair Woodworking Plan  This is a traditional Adirondack Fanback Chair design.
Adirondack Folding Chair Woodworking Plan  This is our version of a Folding Adirondack Chair. Adirondack Foot Rests Woodworking Plan  The two Adirondack Foot Rests are designed to be used with our Adirondack furniture. Adirondack Footrest (PDF)  True to the Adirondack style, this footrest matches the curves of our Adirondack Chair Plans perfectly. Adirondack Footrest Vintage Woodworking Plan  There is nothing better than an Adirondack chair unless it is having a footrest too. Adirondack Footstool and Side Table Woodworking Plan Set  For summertime lounging, nothing can beat the laid-back comfort of Adirondack furniture. Adirondack Glider Chair Woodworking Plan  This classic outdoor design has a contoured seat and back, plus relaxing glider motion, for the ultimate in seating comfort.
Adirondack Lawn Chair Vintage Woodworking Plan  The simple lines of this traditional resort chair with its deep seat and over sized arms originated in the Adirondack mountain resorts of New York state around the turn of the century. Adirondack Lawn Chair Woodworking Plan  Who does not enjoy the comfort of the Adirondack Chair. Adirondack Lounge Chair Woodworking Plan  The same award winning design Adirondack Chair.
Adirondack Love Seat and Coffee Table Woodworking Plan Set  This Adirondack Love Seat and Coffee Table set would make a great addition to your outdoor seating and relaxing pleasure. Adirondack Loveseat Vintage Woodworking Plan  Build this Adirondack-style loveseat for your backyard or patio. Adirondack Loveseat Woodworking Plan  A perfect seat for getting cozy while watching a sunset or for relaxing. Website and more information is soon to follow…so get that sweet tea recipe ready for some DIY building and DIY relaxing. The sides of this chair also function as the rear legs and are the real foundation of the chair. This was built, sanded and painted in just over 24 hours by a girl (I’m a very amateur backyard builder and remember our chair has no arms) using a skill saw (to cut the 20 foot boards) and sliding compound mitre saw. Woodworking Plan  Our uniquely designed and easy to build Adirondack Chair is one of the most comfortable wooden chairs that we have ever designed or sat in.

As if Adirondack style chairs were not already comfortable, these new design features a built in footrest. Step-by-step instructions, easy to follow directions designed for you to build this Adirondack chair.
Using the same simple construction as the chair, this footrest is another easy family project. The originals were built from scraps of fruit and vegetable crates cast-off by the resorts. The back of each armrest is attached by screws to a small block on the the vertical support in the rear of the chair (see the inset detail below). Make the classic red and white chair or get your hockey fix by putting a wood stain on the armrest then paint on some black and grey stripes! Plans include a Rocker, a Single Chair (with instructions to make a double wide), a Childs Chair, a Lawn Bench and a Garden Bench. Though plywood is obviously more difficult to cut than cardboard, the advantage of using it is that it is easy to make fine adjustments to the shape using sandpaper and a block plane. Be careful at this stage: without the armrests tying it together, the chair is very unstable.
Also we decided it would be a beach chair (since they have a home in Mexico too) and were running short of time so we didn’t add the arms. Complimenting our Adirondack Chair Plans and true to the Adirondack style, this footrest matches the curves of our chair.
These plans are also sold separately: Adirondack Love Seat is plan 29-YF3, and the Adirondack Coffee Table is plan 29-YF15.
To do that right would require building another chair to test everything out, and there’s only room for one of these in my yard. No guarantees are made as to the accuracy or suitability of it for any purpose, and you’re responsible for what you build and for any damage when it inevitably falls down. I basically cut it in place by fitting the armrest as close as I could against the vertical slat, marking it, cutting, test fitting, cutting some more, and so on. Build the stool with the slant top so you can stretch your legs straight out, or with a flat top and use as a side table. So I hopped online and found your tutorial and we used it 98% to build a giant chair of our own. All the qualities of a woodworking plan you come to expect from a supplement to Weekend Woodworking Projects Magazine. We had a dedication ceremony this past Friday with the chair, and we felt only right to share all of this with you- for without your design- we may have been lost!

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