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The reason for my interest is because I was once an elected council counillor and much of my time was taken up with planning issues – particularly where someone wished to build on to or extend either height or ground coverage of an existing property. Without wishing to denigrate the professionalism of planning officers, they can, at times, become seeped in the mire of local planning rules and regulations.
The rules around Permitted Development Rights have been revised recently, and in fact more is potentially allowed without the need for planning.

For example, they do not apply in front of the Principle Elevation fronting a highway, which normally means you can’t put a shed up in your front garden! For example an outbuilding more than twenty meters from the house must not cover an area over 10m? and anything to the side of the house will require Planning Permission.
You can do this by contacting Building Design Professionals like us or by asking at your Local Authority Planning Department.
To find out if your property has its permitted development rights removed, check the conditions listed on the original Planning Consent.

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