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A vertical wheel has the tendency to wobble during operation which can nick the blade or cause the blade to have an uneven edge.
The horizontal wheel provides a congruent surface that allows the pressure of the blade to spread evenly over the wheel’s surface. The blade can then be manipulated by the user to get the sharpest edge possible for the grade of metal being sharpened.Wet Sharpener Cooling SystemThe water cooled system for this Makita can sharpen and reshape almost any cutting tool from scissors to lawn mower blades. It is virtually impossible to have overheating or the bluing of steel as the sharpening processes is cooled. There is dust flying around or sparks flying that is the norm for the traditional grinder equipment.Blade HolderThe blade holder is a safety feature that is a must with any sharpener.

The holder will hold the blade securely into place as the wheel is manipulated to produce a sharp edge. Without the holder, the blade could move and create a jagged edge, nicks, or at worth physical injury to the user.
The motor of the Makita is set for lower decibels and with the wet blade combination leaves the workshop a more harmonious place to work.Easy TransportingThe Makita sharpener weighs only 27 pounds.
Many traditional sharpeners could weigh twice that much putting a burden on the user in terms of transport and work space. If a defect arises in your sharpener within one year of purchase, the tool will be replaced or repaired at a Makita factory or one of its authorized service centers.Last WordsThe Makita 9820-2 is versatile, quiet, dependable, light weight, and is made to sharpen most blades or metal surfaces.

The price is competitive with most sharpeners on the market today, but with the added, bonus features, it is the best piece of equipment for the price.

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