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After setting up shop with your workbench and tool chest (or cabinet), the next project to build for your shop is a nail cabinet – a traditional way to hold fasteners and all the little bits of hardware woodworkers accumulate. Nail cabinets were a common feature of early shops, whether you built furniture or shod horses. So when I reproduced the cabinet, I got to first build a crate, and then transform it into a nail cabinet with 21 drawers.
You can build one for yourself with a plan in the February 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

That nail cabinet is on my todo list since it looks pretty simple and I’m tired of searching through all the jars and boxes for nails or screws when I need them. And this year I got to reproduce the cabinet from Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” show.
While the cabinet looks like a lot of work with all the little drawers, it actually is quick to build. I’ve seen a fair number of shop built cabinets in which the drawer bottoms extended beyond the drawer sides to act as runners in dados in the outer cabinet sides.

What is surprising is that Underhill’s nail cabinet is made from an old crate from the Ohio Match Co.

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